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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by crash test, Feb 2, 2011.

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  1. Right to get this off my chest,
    I have to attend Court on the 18th to these gits, even though I have been paying maintenance for a number of years.
    Briefly it's a very long story, but I've been told no lawyer takes these cases on.
    Been to the CAB, and told to right a letter to them explaining my grievances, sent it but I don't hold out much hope.
    Am I expected to just turn up with no legal represtation, and is this right?
    Any advice, NOT the derogatary kind, would be most welcome.
    Awaiting incoming !!
  2. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Huge ******* bag of worms mate the whole thing! are you serving or ex?
  3. Court or tribunal? For what reason? What order are they seeking?

    Many solicitors do not do CSA work, but some do. It may be worth spending some time with google and a phone to see if there is anyone in your area. The local law society is a reasonable place to begin. They could point you towards decent local firms who do the sort of work you want. You need them to be a member of "Resolution" which is the solicitors family law association.

    It would be worth getting some advice if possible. Biscuits AB is right, the CSA a horrendous organisation, the rules and regulations are extensive and impenetrable, and the tribunal service sometimes seems to be there purely to assist the CSA/parent with care, rather than to look at the facts in an unbiased way and produce a just and fair outcome.

    Good luck!
  4. never go into court without a solicitor
  5. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Except when you don't need one!
  6. Biscuits, I'm ex-army. Retired in 2007.
    I've been served a court bail warrant, verbally told it's the CSA, but have had no other supporting paperwork served!!
    Seems a tad dodgy to me.
    Tried many Solicitors in my area over the last few weeks but been turned down by each and every one.
  7. A mate of mine who returned to the UK after living here for over 17 years, had his life turned upside down by the ***** that are the CSA last year!

    Apparently, he had sired a sprog in an English town he had never been to and whilst he was living in Germany! They took a DNA sample and when it came back negative, they got the police involved, by saying that they believed he had paid the doctor off to use a sample from someone else!.....You couldn't make this shit up!
  8. Crash Test,

    That does not make any sense. What do you mean by a "court bail warrant"? Bail is something you may be given if charged with a criminal offence, a "warrant" is something issued by the court to secure your detention/arrest.

    What do you mean by "told verbally" I don't understand why it is not apparent from the court papers what the summons/warrant is for.

    What do you mean by "turned down" by solicitors? Is that because you do not qualify for legal aid and do not have the funds to be able to aford to pay privately? Or is it because they do not take on CSA cases? Or is it because they have told you you are bang to rights and have no chance of fighting the case?
  9. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    The whole system is a ******* shambles. The CSA pretty much do what they want to whom they want. The Magistrates courts have been told by the MOJ to rubber stamp any CSA paper work that comes before them.

    These guys have helped me.

    Child Support Advice for all child maintenance problems
  10. Biscuits,

    I agree that the whole system is a shambles. I am just struggling to understand the precise nature of the complaint. If I were able to understand that then I might be able to say something more constructive to the OP.
  11. Schweik,
    I had two Court officers turn up at my door with a notice of bail from the Court, they told me that it was to do with the CSA.
    I have recieved no other paperwork relating to this, and nothing on the bail warrant says anything about what it's for.
    All of the Solicitors I have contacted have said that they no longer take on cases relating to the CSA.
    And just for Recce, the day after I got re-married the CSA accused me of fathering someone's elses kid, only for them to say "sorry, we've made a mistake", two days later !!
  12. If you can provide bank statements to prove that you have been paying maintenance, then i dont see the problem....that is of course that when you set up the direct debit - you instructed the bank to have "child maintenance" put on the amount so that it shows up on all of your statements?

    i did this when i split with my wife....was instructed to by my solicitor and thank **** i listened to him as over a year later the ex put the dogs (CSA) on my ass! (she wanted more money) was put in front of my commanding officer as i rightly told the CSA to **** off when they told me i hadnt paid a thing. The commanding officer took there side and attempted to give me a severe dressing down in his office with 2i/c and RSM present....i let him finish his tirade about being irrisponsible blah blah, then when he asked if i had anything to say, i produced 12 months of bank statements with "child maint" £400 from my map pocket!.....needless to say he very very quickly apologised....RSM gave me a wink (as he hated the CO)..

    Anyway, i also managed to get a rebate from CSA as i had been paying over the odds when she applied through them....so im now quids in.
  13. Maintenance has been paid direct from SPVA via Aldershot Court, prior to that it was being paid from my Army wage
  14. Just a stupid question but have you phoned your CSA office & asked what it's about?
  15. It does seem odd that they are going the legal action route if your already paying. Defo find out WHY they are doing this because if it's a simple case of increasing the amount your paying then they would just get a court order and have it taken straight from your wages. Is there an issue with backdated payments that they say you owe?