CSA - Deductions from Earnings

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by ABrighter2006, Jun 2, 2006.

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  1. Sorry if this has been covered before on this board. I did search, but if any MOD / ARRSE'r has any suggestions, please respond.

    I am currently subject to an automatic deduction of earnings in respect of CSA payments. This came about as a result of my case being a "Clerical Case" as opposed to my refusal to pay maintenance.

    When I mobilised for TELIC, I advised Chillwell about the payments, supplying all necessary details and the amount that was to be forwarded to the CSA each month. When I returned from TELIC and returned to my civi employers, the CSA increased the monthly amount by 250% to compensate for the fact that I was six months in arrears - it transpired that the CSA had never received payments covering my time in mobilised service. It took the best part of six months for Glasgow to transfer the funds, at which point the CSA paid the entire block of payments to my ex - despite me having effectively double paid.

    As a result the three years since TELIC has been financially fraught (the first six months after TELIC left me less than £300 per month to live on), but the events of the last two months have made me realise just how unfair the CSA system is, and I am after advice from anyone who has had a similar experience.

    In April this year, I took three weeks unpaid leave, and the CSA reduced the deduction to take account that I had only been paid 22% of my normal salary. My gripe is that in my May salary (100% of normal salary) the CSA have taken this months maintenance and also "the arrears" from the previous month. So, despite only receiving 61% of my gross salary in the last two months, the CSA tell me that "it's just the way the system works" and cannot be changed.

    Any thoughts?
  2. Please add this to the Federation thread - it's an example of the type of thing that needs to be brought to the attention of the CoC, MOD and changed.

    For your own case, I would be inclined to bring it to the attention of the SofS for Defence, via your MP, and the Defence Spokesmen of the other parties.
  3. I think you might be best to f*** them off if possible. I appreciate this is harder with the deduction of earnings. Would it be possible to change jobs or "leave" and rejoin?

    If relations are relatively cordial with the ex then send / transfer her the money direct and MAKE SURE you keep a record of this.

    The CSA is an absolute disaster with a huge backlog of default cases to enforce. The intray of each enforcement worker is several months worth.

    As a result the CSA is set to be dismantled later this year so you should be able to dodge them until then. Alternatively see if you can manage to hang on.

  4. Cheers Clownbasher,

    Yep - the f*** 'em off at the high port view is fairly universal, and if I gave up my career of 20 years and drove a cab (cash in hand) would do exactly that. Your right about the DDE, to all intents the employer appears to have litte or no control over the deductions - I am very lucky in that my payroll manager is ex RAPC (I think this is a good thing)! But he is as pi**ed as I am about it. The leaving and rejoining idea only stalls the problem for a few months. Bassically, as long as I am employed by an "employer" -- possible solutions are to move into contracting through some form of umbrella company, and pay myself the square root of nothing. The downside being when making mortgage applications or similar.

    Relations with ex (lying, fraudelant, etc) are such that I would not trust her to play the game. As regarding the move from the CSA later this year. I'm well aware that this is likely to be a new lick of paint relatively speaking with the same underlying processes and ethos - we shall see.

    VB - Yes, I figure this would be just the kind of case that BAFF could really assist in. On the basis of speaking to my unit after TELIC about this cluster, was told that it wasn't their' issue as although one of their' soldiers, I wasn't being paid by them, whilst with 1 Div. Although, on realising my financial picture did offer to get my bounty paid (despite not enough MTD's) - which I thought was quite sweet! Whilst being a little naive, I wasn't about to start signing for a bounty that I'd not been entitled to - good to know the way the system works though.
  5. It's a case of "wait out" on the CSA but it looks like the whole system is to be dismantled and you will only really be pursued if you try and get away with paying nothing. Hard to know what will materialise but "stalling" the problem for a few months might just be enough, who knows. I'd be surprised if they got round to doing anyting about in within 3 months anyway.

    Personally I'm really looking forward to having the threat removed as whilst I pay voluntarily (directly and not via them) it's always hanging over you and they can be after me as soon as she gets p1ssed off for whatever reason - cue years of inappropriate morality tax at an unaffordable rate totally unrelated to cost of bringing up kids, proportion of time you look after them or relative incomes of parents (she's a doctor FFS).

    It's am iniquitous tax and the sooner scrapped the better.
  6. CB, thanks for your posts, your last paragraph is spot on.

    Just as a quick update - I called the CSA last Thursday and spent the proverbial 30 minutes explaining all of the necessary details. Interesting to note that the systems in place are as reliable as ever. During the course of my conversation, it transpired that by querying my name, NI number, Post code, childrens' names / DofB my record could not be accessed, and the screens needed to access my children's details were unavailable. Remarkable!

    I was called back on Friday and was told that my account was still showing arrears and again referred to my time on TELIC. When I asked how it was that the CSA system could deduct 80 odd percent of my nett salary, I was told the following.

    "Yes, we get quite a few people who are unhappy that their deductions are increased with no notification. It's a problem area, but there's nothing we can do about it, becasue it would require software upgrades to be carried out. It's just the way it works."

    When I pointed out that this system was ruining lives for NRPs and their' children by working in the way it does, and that I might as well flip burgers for a living, it was acknowledged that for some the system really did let them down, but that most people are hapy with their service!

    So, all in all, screwed!

    It also transpires that the CSA / DWP is not bound to pass on all of the monies paid by myself to my ex (as she has claimed some form of back to work benefit). So, I have conversations with the ex, along the lines of "I've paid £1500 to the CSA this month, to have her tell me that she's only had £350. If I ask the CSA / DWP for some form of account, showing exactly what payments have been made to my ex, they gleefully tell me that they don't have to and that due to Freedom of Information Act, cannot anyway.

    I post this here really as a warning to anyone who is coming into contact with the CSA and believes their rhetoric.

    Equally, if the C*$k in APC Glasgow who was responsible for this area of my pay whilst on TELIC had done his/her job in a timely manner, I probably wouldn't be posting this here either.
  7. Sorry VB, should have responded to this.

    A few numbers:

    I have spoken to my MP in January of this year, and to date, despite a couple of email prompts from me since, have had no response.

    Since September 2003, I have authored eight letters requesting information on my assessment, had five acknowledgements and three replies. One took six months, the other two took about four months.

    Both myself and my employers' have made numerous telephone calls (almost daily in late 2003), and been promised that somebody who can deal with this will call us back. On the rare occassion that I have had a call back, the person either hasn't even scanned the case notes / history, etc. Trying to explain to somebody that there is a method whereby you can work for a civi employer, then be paid by the Army and then by the same civi employer in a single financial year, appears to tilt them over the edge.

    As for contacting the SoS for Defence. I don't have a lot of faith in his ability to comprehend, let alone sort out the issues. I'd prefer that he spend his time, reading up on the composition of the British Army and the armed forces in general.

    Defence Spokesman of other parties might be kind of interesting, if nothing else, the s*%tstorm that would hit Blair might be quite amusing for outside observers. Do you think I should mention my childrens' child abuse case in the same communication? Maybe, I should also go and start begging in Whitehall in an attempt to pay my monthly bills, after the CSA system does its thing. And that way, I can keep a roof over my family.
  8. I became divorced after 18 years of marriage and 2 children. I applied to the CSA for maintainance and i also informed them that my ex husband would say he isn't working, has no income of his own and is finacially reliant upon his partner. ( which surprise, surprise he did) I gave them the details of his own business, his business bank account and his income.

    To this day, i am still waiting for the CSA to sort of maintainance from him, the last i heard the CSA 'enforcers' were looking into it, just the same as they were 12 months ago! Meanwhile myself and Mr Bossy both work full time and are paying out for my daughters upkeep ( my son has left school and is working now) while the ex continues to live a life of luxury, while conveniently forgetting he has 2 offspring who he cannot even be bothered to communicate with. The CSA are an absolute waste of time and money.
  9. If you come to an amicable agreement with her on how much it should be, she then has to give up her DHSS payments, which thankfully mine did. So watch your step there.!

    Also remember you pay until the children have completed thier education, which also means university. Only 4 years to go for me.The CSA copped me whilst I serving, whitch is easier for them to do.
  10. You have my absolute sympathy for this. I think that anecdotes like the one above just confirm that "it's easier to go after those in regular employment, rather than self-employed / evaders".

    As per ClownBasher's earlier email, the system is changing, the worry is of course that the same people and the same attitudes will be employed.

    Like a lot of Non Resident Parents, I love my children dearly. I just wish the CSA would leave me enough money to be able to visit them. Having done my six months in Iraq and come back to next to no income, I wasn't even able to afford to travel to see them. Next time I hear an Labour MP spout family values, I'll chin him!
  11. The reason she has not received all you paid is because DWP will claim back any money your ex has been given (i.e. benefit, allowances etc) from your payments. She is not allowed to profit by receiving CSA and government monies.

    Honest people get screwed no matter which side of the fence you are on and its only by complaining loudly that they may re-look at your case. Don't forget to ask for a review if there are any changes which may reduce your payments by £10 or more a week i.e. the ex starts work. Also when the child/children reach specific ages (can't remember what they are) the carer's allowance reduces and therefore your payment should also reduce.

    I just received compensation from the CSA as they failed to get me money which I was entitled to for over 3 years. I am a person with care (not a parent) and I lost out on over £3000 but my compensation was a measly £78 and they have now written the outstanding monies off!!!!! I haven't bothered contacting them any more since they told me "It costs less to bring up someone elses child therefore under the calculations you are not entitled to any money".

    They are a total shower and the sooner everything gets changed the better - well it really can't be any worse.

  12. Been there, done that:(

    FNF say the CSA are to be scrapped.

  13. Very strange , the CSA have no problem in taking vast amounts out of my salery to keep other peoples children.
  14. I just want him to help with the upkeep of his own Oldtimer. He keeps his partners children, yet he forgets he has 2 of his own, even at xmas and birthdays they dont exist.