CSA as a step father

i am a step father of an 8 year old boy, his father is recently back on the scene after a 4 year absence during which time he has made no maintenance payments, he moved house every time the CSA caught up. He is recently causing my partners son to rebel and saying he wants his son to live with him.

IF his son goes to live with him, am i as the childs mothers partner liable for CSA payments to the father? Or is my income taken into account? i have not adopted this boy or have any parental rights.

Anyone any ideas??
The answer to that is no you don't (in most cases) have to pay, yes your income is taken into account by the CSA but only as to his mothers standard of living and 'Need' and a better place to ask the question would be Here

Some really useful info's in the forums and a couple of online family lawyers for free advice.
Even in the extremely unlikely scenario of a court giving custody of an 8 yr old boy to a man who hasn't seen him for 4 years, you wouldn't be liable for any maintenance payments.
The CSA will ask for your pay details as the partner of the mother but by law you yourself don't have to reveal anything.


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Not going to be much help here unfortunately because I am not 100% sure about that. Have you checked the CSA website? Failing that you can email them a hypothetical question.

In relation to him actually going to live with his biological dad the liklihood (sp) of his father getting a residency order would be slim to none. The judge that heard my case for residency (my son was already living with me and is the same age as your step son) told my ex husband that my son's opinion (if he gave one) would not be taken into consideration as he was too young to make an informed choice. Therefore the only way the e would get residene is if it is by mutual agreement by your wife. Would say if this starts get the advice of a good family solicitor.

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