Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by YANTOFULPELT, Sep 10, 2004.

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  1. I am now in a position to know the procedures post March 04 for CSA claims. Is anyone having a problem with the CSA taking account of the TA pay? It's not regular? Not guaranteed? Therefore not accountable. Any one else having a drama. Feedback please.
  2. Don't tell them, just send details of civvy income. (Unless the mother has stiched up that is)
  3. dont know how it works as dont claim it for my son, but i would imagine that as its not a regular, accountable income that they cant touch it.

    Does the mother work? If not it may be better to agree a lower payment privately with her - if she is not working then she doesnt get the money anyhow.

    If she does work its in her interest to deal with privately too, as CSA payments take months to sort out
  4. Thanks for both replies, my concerned TA is in negotiations with the CSA over his contributions. His is an old style case and needs to know if anyone is getting stung for dosh?