CSA and Injury Benefit

I am divorced, receiving Injury Benefit and am assessed by the CSA because ex is on benefits. I already pay for most of my children's expenses and they spend half the time with my ex, half with me.

I know from my own experience that PTS will easily destroy even a good marriage and tip a bad one over the edge.

Initially the CSA agreed that Injury Benefit should be excluded from my assessed income, but they have now changed their minds without giving any reason, instantly creating £1500.00 of "arrears" and increasing the amount I have to pay by a huge amount. Most of which the CSA would keep.

The law is here. (Para 5)


I have appealed aginst their decision and refused to pay.

Is anyone else in the same boat? Please publicise this post.
As has been mentioned on here before, official complaint to CSA will get ignored, so copy in to your MP.
They seem to take more attention of elected officials than customers

I can speak from experience when dealing with the CSA, though not for the same circumstances as yourself.

I spent over 4 years fighting 'arrears' caused because the EX wife said she had never received money, I presented copies of bank statements marked as CSA Payments to the EX.

Long story short, got my then MP, Boris Johnson involved and some serious questions were asked in the big house of the Chief Exec of the CSA and responsible minister at the time.

Surprisingly enough within two months it was fully investigated and I was refunded the 'arrears' and amount of nearly £8000.

Don't give in and use all the big guns you can.

If you have the original statement that says they will not take it into account work with that. However if it was verbal then you are unlikely to gain much headway.

Having been made redundant last year I can also say that benefits are likely to be thieved by the CSA as well, they are entitled to 20% of mine, but due to JSA being as low as it is they can only have a £5 a week from me..........

It's a bas.....d but they are a bunch of thieving cnuts at the best of times.

Don't take no for an answer, ask for everything in writing and get the MP involved, it worked for me.

And finally, Good Luck


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