CSA advise needed

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sebcoe, Jul 5, 2013.

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  1. I ve been paying my ex for my kids without fail, like most bints, she wants more. So where do I stand as I am not an absent father, I pay my way and more when I have them.

    So what happens when the CSA get involved, like I suspect she will try to get more out of me through them!
  2. Are you employed? Self employed etc?

    How many kids?
  3. Make sure you have a record of all you have paid so far in case they try to backdate anything.

    I do mine by bank transfer every month so there can be no confusion over when and how much was paid
  4. Firstly use the online CSA calculator to see what they would take - be honest with your figures to get the most honest assessment. You may find that she thinks she will get more when she won't!

    If you are employed it should be fairly simple to work out. If you are self-employed it is easier for you to mess her/CSA around with figures and there is very little they can do. Sometimes the CSA makes it easier for the Non-Resident Parent as it is a figure they decide on - BUT paying doesn't equate to contact and the ex may still take the CSA payment and demand more while she withholds contact.
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  5. I am now employed, 2 kids.
  6. Oh yes ! nothing is ever handed over in cash, and the ref is her name as well
  7. Luckily my kids are older and I talk to them on their mobiles so if she did try that she'd have a revolution on her hands, plus she is reliant on the money so a couple of weeks non payment would soon bring her around the negotiation table, but I would pay the back log after they had stayed with me, transferred by bank of course

  8. Good luck with that.

    I had a private arrangement to pay for my first sprog, after 2 years she decided it wasn't enough so went to the CSA.

    Next thing I get a demand for the last two years of money as she claimed the payments had been for other things not child maintenance. Nothing I could do to disprove her side of the story so got stung.

    I HATE the CSA with a ******* passion but at least I'm now "employed" by my current wife on minimum wage for 16 hours.....

    It must really grip the ex's shite to see my in my brand new Alfa while she's getting a fiver a week.

    Isn't karma a bitch?
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  9. How do your kids feel when you pick them up in it?
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  10. Believe it or not, the CSA have been useful.. My brother separated from the bitch that bore his sprogs. He offered to give her £100 per month for the 2 kids, but she demanded £200 or she'd get the CSA involved. A quick look online and he told her to go for it.

    It turns out he has to pay £5 per month per child as he has a war pension. She shit out big time there.

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  11. In my experience the CSA have been good, but then i owe no arrers and dont have an attatchment to my earnings, i told the CSA from the off when i caught the bitch cheating, for 7 yrs i had my daughter 3 nights a week and paid my 15% of earnings direct to CSA, that way they give you a discount for nights you have the child, its fair to say if you pay up what the kids entitled to and dont let what the mother does with the money get to you eventualy the goose has to stop laying the golden egg, i have 2 yrs left as my daughter is 17 and at college, she however tell me a week ago that she wants to leave and start an apprenticeship one of her family sorted for her, i was happy and keen as i never wanted her to go to uni and get in debt, next thing i know today my daughter is coming back at me saying i only want her to leave college as i would not have to pay CSA anymore... i cant win the whole thing was nothing to do with me in the first place, i wonder who put that in her mind?
  12. also i forgot to mention, i have a war pension and a job, not sure if youd get away with only paying £5 like the site says for both tho
  13. If you are happy to you could tell your daughter that was clearly not the reaso. Back it up by offering to pay her an 'allowance' that is what you are currently paying the CSA - better to give it to her than the ex!
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  14. It's debt that she would only have to pay back, at a ridiculously low rate, IF she were successful in securing a well paid job. Not everybody needs uni (and many waste their time/money on pointless courses) but 'debt' is no reason to discourage.

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  15. Seb,
    I would change the standing order out of her name and specify it is child maintenance I made that mistake ex went to CSA and claimed I was only paying household bills the CSA will want to see it in black and white. As a rule of thumb expect to pay 20% of your salary based on two kids, This will go down the more you have them if you have them more than 52 nights a year it goes down and more again over another time line.

    Are you in a position to have them overnight through the week? If so see if you can get 50/50 shared residence then she'll get the sum of **** all. What I will say is though be warned that if she's not getting what she thinks she should get she'll start witholding contact just to be a twat. And she can at any time ask for your case to be re-assessed.