CS95 shirt, worn in or outside the waist

Milan_Platoon_Storeman said:
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Quite agree MPS.

If you are are a muppet who can't decide if you are an inny or an outy, try one of two things

A) Have a look at your friendly local Razzman and do as he does - can't go far wrong then.


B) Turn up for your next parade 'half in-half out' - Some cnut will soon point out the eror of your ways.

Job done - what's next - should boot laces be crossed or looped through the eyelets ?
You could always become a CVHQ watchkeeper and then if anyone gives you grief about the way you dress turn up for the next shift in 1980's combat kit and puttees.
You sad ba****ds!! I can't believe I am replying to this!!!
THE CS95 system of clothing is based on the "onion layer" principle while maintaining some semblance of uniformity (I just added that bit in because it sounded good)
It is designed to provide comfort and protection to the individual!!!
The INDIVIDUAL makes the choice to wear it tucked in or out. i.e. in hot weather if the individual wants to, he/she can wear it out because it allows a free flow of air and helps reduce heat exhaustion. If you are feeling cold tuck it in so you don't get a little draft on your soft weak little back! I take it that it was someone south of Watford who started this!!
conga said:
It should be out as it is actually a jacket not a shirt (as written on its label).
you brought up a three year old post to point out something that had already been pointed out several times before. :shakefist: :x

If its hot its out, if its cold its in, stops you catching the sniffles, and its your first post as well. Welcome. :yawnstretch:

Mr Happy

Whats more, there's probably a couple of other threads on the same subject since that he could dig out for us. But he's new, and he didn't know. Welcome Conga.
Our CEO wears his untucked but hes a hard basted and nodody dare tell him to tuck it in ( ex reg col) and our RSM bollocks us for looking scruffy n not tucking them in
As Ard-Elly-o said, it's designed for either. It depends on your environment at the time. Personally, I always wore it as a shirt (ie. tucked in) as I have an aversion to looking even remotely Septic.
Who cares, wear a smock with the sleeves rolled half up!
FFBox said:
Who cares, wear a smock with the sleeves rolled half up!
my mate does this and gets rollocked every time

now the other thing
you have no choice
the rsm says it goes
ive got half my kit with name tapes on
and half off as they change so often
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