CS95 MTP Shirt

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by JimPooley, Jul 9, 2013.

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  1. Trawled JSP 768 until my eyes started to bleed.

    Anybody got an NSN for a CS95 Shirt in MTP pattern, size 180/104?
  2. IIRC they were UOR only....

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  3. From mine (180/96 - but possibly close enough?)

  4. I had a feeling they wre UOR as well.

    But I'm fed up of sweating my arse off in this PCS shite, and shy kids don't get sweets so I'm going to try to source a couple anyway.
  5. 8415-99-667-4227
  6. They're obsolete, now.

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  7. So obsolete that they're starting to issue it in Sept! We got an email at work last week saying that we were to remain "sleeves down & untucked" but from Sept we will be issued the "new/old" 95 MTP shirts to bring down the £1.5m surplus that is sitting on shelves, seems the MOD got a rocket up there arse when they told the penpushers they were just going to bin it all, it will also keep the whiners happy as sleeves up and it will be the "new" summer dress!
  8. There is another thread on this already read the ABN it is not the 95 shirt you will get it is the same as the jacket you are in now with some changes to the design. Also the ABN says units are not to bulk demand the new jacket so don't expect to be in it in September.

    If I remember rightly it also says the 95 type is not to be worn anymore, but as I am on my phone I can't open it at the moment to check.
  9. The new shirt that will be issued is PCS Mk4 (minus lower sleeves, reduced Velcro on upper pocket) as briefed by Gearspotter in a thread elsewhere.

    It will not be an immediate issue, but as you require a legitimate exchange.

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