CS95: Is anyone still wearing it?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by northern-matelot, Dec 18, 2012.

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  1. Had a draft to a unit where camouflage gear is the working rig rather than normal naval number 4's.
    on the draft order JPA says to rock up in DPM CS95s, thus that's what the dockyards stores have issued me but surely everybody is in mtp pcs by now?

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  2. Most of the workmen building me a new Tesco are still in CS95
  3. Guns

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    That will be JPA not able to be changed as we have run out of money. You should have got PCS in MTP but I suspect they are just clearing out stocks from the back. If it is a Bootie unit see the QMs department and get it swooped.

    Also check with your new DO and they should tell you what the correct rig is.

  4. I saw some scruffy joker wearing it today in the centre of town, he also had a very ally molle type daysack a la ops. But if he had been on ops surely he'd have MTP?

    Plus, he hadn't shaved for a week either, had a civvy jacket and no beret.. probably just a walt. He was giving out the 1000 yard stare to anyone that dared look at him too.
  5. We only got our MTP last week, although it was rumoured that we were the last regiment in the army to still be in CS95s.
  6. There are some still cutting around Aldershot in CS95, not sure if these people are TA or not though.
  7. Some of the TA London Regt were recently seen in CS95 in the smoke.
  8. I'm still in 95s, though I'm off on a course so haven't had it swapped. Stores told me to do one when I went and enquired, so that'll be me waiting til I get back.
  9. It's 42cdo I'm off to in early next year with an MJDI course to do somewhere first.
  10. I'm still in 95's.
  11. Same as me pal, just left blandford for 21 sigs. Wasn't the limp armed miserable bastard that told you too **** off was it?
  12. Being on ops doesn't guarantee that he'd have been allowed to wear anything MTP when he got back, I wasn't until the whole unit was issued with PCS.

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  13. Or more likey the walty CCF instructor at my work who rocks up on a Monday morning in full C95 kit claiming he's got to wear it as he goes straight to the unit from work=-\\\\
  14. are they not on tour? they took over from us on H16