CS95/2000 Suppliers

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by paulrobz, Oct 21, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know the name of the acutally company who have the MoD contract?


    Anyone know of any companies that do low cost bulk supply of the uniform?
  2. looking at walting or setting up your own private army there fella?
  3. Private army =P
    Nah, my mate is the ATC and is just wondering. The love to walt ;-)
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Try looking at the label....

  5. it was an Irish company, cant think the name of it off the top of my head, but they then sub contracted the work to China, well done Tony 'bloody' Blair.
  6. When you contact them, tell them that the chinese staff they're employing are sewing on the union flags in the wrong place.

    I've had to take off and move countless amounts of them at this point.

    Also, they never used to sew on the badges. You used to have to sew them on yourself or at your own cost. With the amount of effort needed, it would be quicker and easier to just give us the badge like they used to
  7. If he is in the ATC, then he should be able to get some stuff through his Sqn. Wholesale manufacturers are not going to sell odds and sods to cadets. Stick to the existing sellers out there - plenty of them.
  8. I may be wrong, which wont be a first, but ATC don't get issued DPM, it's a private purchase thing, stands by to be put right.
  9. That isn't to say there is no support for such activities - I know I have assisted in the supply of DPM to a sqn - they tend to have a good self-help etc.
  10. You are both right and wrong.

    Officially, ATC sqns are scaled to 75% of strength for CS95 issue (Trs, Jkt,Shirt)

    In reality, when you take out the Action man doll sizes and the fück off nutter bastard sizes its often less than 50%

    Add to that, the supply is shakey and quantities are tight. The ATC could always do with more. But things are improving. I have been able to issue most of my cadets with new properly sized kit, and half with Goretex waterproofs.

    Try this company for buk and discount


    They dispose of over 60% of HM forces clothing, and if your near Basildon, The company has kindly agreed that CFAVs can actually go onto the sorting area and pick their own orders (A lot of the kit is brand new un-issued, or only very light use!). Min order is £250+VAT, but if you are struggling, they will let you spend a bit less.

    PS: £250 will buy you a lot of kit. Take a car with a good size boot!
  11. FFBox,
    You are right. However some squadrons do have a supply of dpms.

    The squadron are trying to contact the supplier direct to try puchasing 50-100 sets of dpms.
  12. Lifes funny, You use to have put your own Union Jack on, now don't.
    The sarnie in horror bags used to be made for you, now you get a plastic knife and have to make it yourself. Whats next to go upside down
    I wonder .
  13. the company is called cooneen watts and stone.

    they dont do small quantity orders, or certainly were'nt interested when i tried to get some stuff of them. thats the problem with having a multi million pound contract with the mod.

    give them a try though, heres their website