CS & Stuff

Flying in the face of recent bad press.....

Other places/uses for CS?

For example, as passed onto me by people who shall remain nameless,

the cigarette lighter in the car of someone who smokes.

Grind into powder, add water to make paste, remove bulb from bedside light & coat with said paste, once dry replace bulb & retire.

Please note, I have not done, nor do I suggest doing ,any of the above, cos it's a very bad thing, but as the old saying goes... it's the thought that counts! :twisted:
yater_spoon said:
crumble up tablets place in ashtray in night club you don't like. Stand back and watch results :)
As long as you don't get searched on the way in and get done for possession with intent :lol:

Saying that, you could always flog 'em to the nearest scally looking for a fix....that'll fix him alright!!
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