Afternoon all. After finally getting through a medical deferral I've found that I've been knocked way down the lists for CS Eng and EW op, I'm about 12th in both, so I decided to go for CS op but my recruiter thinks I'd be selling myself short. From what I've read on here I understand that retrading is almost certainly out of the question but I seem to recall reading that CS ops can go on to train for EW ops. Does anyone know if that's the case?
If not can anyone tell me about the lifestyle and qualifications on offer for CS ops and if they're worth anything? I see myself as one of those annoying guys who goes for every course possible.
Can you put up tents then move them 6 inches to the left??

Can you sweep a garage??

Can you put grease on door hinges??

If you answered yes to all of the above then you could have what it takes to be a CS Op!!!
There are good and bad postings for both trades - and with the draw down from Afghanistan it would be difficult to predict where your career would go in the next 5 years.

I am one - and worked with the other trade. I have been lucky enough to have some amazing tours, some good and bad postings and most of all worked with some great guys.

I would say that CS Ops tend to be more green and Corps focussed - and the EW Ops can be a bit geeky, have deeper knowledge of the RF spectrum and have more niche roles. That said, I have met some real WoW geeks from the CS side and quite a few EW Ops who would give Gunny Highway a run for his money.

As caveat'ed in my first paragraph - quite often it depends on fate, where you go and the tours you get.
Been out of the loop for a long time now but, info gained from reunions and the fact my son-in-law was an instructor at Blandford, the CS Op and the EW Sys Op do the same initial training, the CS Op course. The EW guys then go on to do further training. I suppose you could shine on the CS Op part and, if any of the EW lot drop out, you could apply to change. However, I am led to believe this is extremely difficult, though by no means impossible. It would all depend on the amount needed in either of the trades, how well you do on the initial course and if a vacancy occurs. Work out how long it would take you if you had to wait to do your preferred course and how long it would take to go the other route. But be prepared for a disappointment if you don't get it. Or not as you will be out in what we used to call a working unit a lot quicker than those going on to do more training.
If I were to wait for an EW intake it'd be at least a years wait provided that nobody comes through ADSC with a higher score, but I can go for CS op in October. I'm guessing that because the EW lists are pretty long it's going to take something extraordinary to allow me to transfer but in my head I've already ruled it out so it's not too much of a disappointment. Just going to get my head down and work as much as I can, see what happens
Good on you, lad. With an attitude like that you should go far. I hope you get a good posting at the end of it.
You can ask to go EW when you get to Blandford. If you are showing that you have the competence to go EW when you go through your CSOp training, they'll help to push you through to it. Lots of people do, and lots of people drop out, so you're in a with a very good chance. Good luck
Would I just ask the instructors at Blandford or would it be something that is offered to the guys showing a bit of potential? May be a daft question but up until 2 weeks ago I was applying for the int corps
Would I just ask the instructors at Blandford or would it be something that is offered to the guys showing a bit of potential? May be a daft question but up until 2 weeks ago I was applying for the int corps
You would need to let your aspiration known early otherwise you'll just be seen as a good egg.
Just to add to that, when I was at Blandford we were asked if we wanted to retrade by the PSO on the induction week and a few lads did. EW is easy to get a place but a hard course from what I've been told, and I know lads who have been in phase 2 for 18 months so it's a lot of crap at the start. I stayed CSop because Ew seems really boring to me but if that's What your in to then go for it.

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