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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by specle, Oct 20, 2010.

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  1. will a CS op, signaller be on the higher pay band or the same as a driver lineman which I know is on the lower pay band when they get to their unit?
  2. lower, but when you hit lcpl you will be on higher. and chances are youll get promoted before the liney anyway.
  3. i will have to try and change to e.w then lol, thanks for the quick reply.
  4. why change, its only 2 years on lower pay band, not a strong enough reason to change trades surely...
  5. I'm in two minds about it at the moment. I know if you do really well on trade tests you get offered it and i am doing really good so far, i suppose i will just see how my mind is if i get the opportunity.
  6. I am going in as a Driver Lineman early next year but looking to possibly change to CS Operator due to the fact i have technical and IT communications background. Is it likely if i express why i would suite the job role of CS Operator enough, they will allow me to retrade after basic training? Can anyone please also advise good points regarding Driver Lineman as all i read is negative remarks. Would appreciate as much detailed feedback as possible please. Thanks allot
  7. from what i know. driver lineman is now more of a driver/storeman. i changed from driver lineman to cs op half way through basic as i had the same negative information told about the trade.
  8. Thanks

    What happens in regards to wanting to change?
    Do you have to request to speak to somebody or are you asked? I have been told they no longer allow people to re-trade as it costs too much. How long ago was it when you started basic?
  9. I started basic in April and finished in July, you get a visit half way to Blandford, then an officer comes to Pirbright and talks to you about changing. I put my application for change in, they will choose the people with the best educational certificates first.
  10. What pay do csop get? I mean after phase 2 would I be on 17k or would it be while at phase 2 or even later after phase 2? Just wondered if someone could clear it up because some say after 6 months, some say after phase 2 and some say later?
  11. If you want to go CS Op, go CS Op. I'm told, apparently, that, allegedly, the PSO WO in Blandford, is, apparently, a witless ******* moron who couldn't tie her bastard shoelaces. Apparently. Just something i heard on the grapevine. Or did I?
  12. And when do you think the last time she did MATTs was. Prime candidate for PAP10 and redundancy.

  13. When was her last tour? "Can't get promoted unless you've done a tour" My arse!! Apparently
    Knave check PM's
  14. Battle of Jubilee Ridge. Anyway she's harmless enough. Until people start losing their jobs and staring straight at her.
  15. She's knocked you both back then?