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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by easy-wan-kenobi, May 24, 2007.

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  1. with the new trade merge, whats happening with the class one course? will there be a restructure of the old class one? how long will the class one run in its present form? how long will clansman be a part of the class one?! most of the corps is bowman now isnt it?

    floor is open.
  2. Its all on ArmyNet, their is not trade converstion in the previous form. If your an AS Op you will do a BOWMAN Advanced module before attending the course, I think this starts in a year (the CS Class 1). (Obviously this assumes RS Ops have also been converted).

    AS Ops posted to a BOWMAN unit would also need to BOWMAN Advanced module.

    The Advanced BOWMAN will be covered during CS Class 3 training.

    For some reason the Advanced BOWMAN module is a lot shorter at Blandford than the other locations.
  3. new class one = 3 weeks... surely not?
  4. yup thats confirmed, class one is now three weeks . new one starts FP 2008. but no one knows anything about it.

    im due mine soon. anyone in the know?
  5. Which, if it's the same as it is as the other locations, is a very good thing.

    Possibly the longest month of my life.
  6. Bowman Advanced Sig 3 weeks long, CS Op cse first one in January 08 and lasts for 4 working weeks!
  7. Couldn't remember whether it was 3 weeks or a month :oops:

    Besides, my class one was 12 months, no sympathy for any of you :p