CS Not Full Of Fat-Cats

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The-Lord-Flasheart, Nov 17, 2010.

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  1. Sorry Flash, but Gus O'Donnell in The Grauniad expounding the virtues of the CS, frankly it is abit like reading how great and important the RAF Regiment are in The Honnington Station News.

    The CS are not all bad, at least several of them do good work and do not interfere in Military things about which they know(from experience) the square root of anything. Sadly there are too many overpromoted mandarins who come form totally unsuited backgrounds or having been involved in completely unrealted quangos that consider the Life Cycle of Yogurt Pots in Sussex or suchlike. Why are they there and what do they actually contribute that could not be done far better by educated chaps like yourself. Of course they exist because the forces are now so reduced and overstretched that we couldn't put together more than a light Brigade in short order and if we did we would have no ability to move it anywhere without borrowing civilian assets.

    bah Humbug!
  2. Interesting article about the civil servants who do their work without thought of personal reward, recognition or remuneration.

    Was that written by the same Sir Augustine "Gus" O'Donnel KCB who was on an anual salary of £235, 000, who believes it is wrong for former government officials to publish memoires but presumably has no qualms about writing newspaper articles!
  3. It by its nature cannot be full of "fat cats", the poor buggers at the bottom who exist on low wages, bad working conditions and take daily flak from disgruntled dole scroungers, are the ones that the actual fat cats are laughing at all the way to their suburban mansions.

    The pay provided (note words provided to; not earned by) to the CS fat cats is in my humble opinion a national disgrace. The Guardian would have gone bust many years ago without the advertising revenue that flows from ever growing numbers of 100,000 plus CS jobs.

    At the Rugby in Scotland I saw advertising for Birmingham City University and a NHS hospital group flashing round at pitch side and I wondered how, why and to what purpose?????, and of course how much did it cost and where does that money come from??
  4. We middle to low grade CS are in a crisis. We have lost shift pay (but not the shift itself) any canteen subsidy and soon parking, previously free for control authority shift workers and included in the commercial rent will cost us, individually £40 rising to £250 a month. When that happens, I can no longer afford to commute by car or even train, as living in London but working outside it means I pay a premium in travel that I don't earn back in London Weighting. the car is still the cheapest and most reliable option even with current fuel prices.

    Soon we will have pay something like 7 to 9% for our pensions from the current 1.5% for Widows/Widowers pension currently.

    My shift pay, will be reduced from 38% to 25%, but I will still be working the same number of standard and premium hours. There will be no uplift in my basic pay to compensate or any THPA (take home pay assurance) either.

    Our IT systems don't work and have caused stress levels to soar so high that half of the staff who do my job have actually had to take significant time off. I can't even get my personal data from the intranet and havent seen an e-payslip for over a year. HR is an answerphone or an e-mail box. Most enquiries are never replied to.

    They are shortly to impose a roster that breaks all their own H&S rules about rest periods between shifts and doesn't even deploy the staff when the work needs to be done. (The published roster actually stated the rules on the lower half of the page, showing that whoever wrote it, doesn't understand it or simply cut and pasted from elsewhere)

    By the middle of next year, we will have lost 20-25% of our staff, many of them senior. Most of our managers took early retirement last month and he will not be replaced.

    However, those that will lead us out of the crisis are unnaffected by the cuts, and there numbers continue to swell under new fiefdoms with words like 'Development, Change, Transition,Transformation' and 'Implementation' in their job titles.

    Petrol is on the rise again, which means everything else will go up too. Those of us earning £40k (not a fortune these days) will also lose child tax credits. And as a final nail in the coffin, VAT goes up another 2.5% in January.

    Oh yeah. If we are the fat cats, I'd like to see how the lean cats are fairing.

    To the barricades comrades!
  5. FTRS / MPGS vacancies exist!
  6. msr

    msr LE

    £40k is almost twice the average salary in this country.

    Fancy joining the 2.5m people with no job at all? Thought not.

  7. Yes we're paid relatively less than our private sector counterparts but if you want a better paid job then go and get one. Far too many folk in my particular corner of the CS are happy to carp about how much they hate their jobs/managers all day but never bother themselves to change their situations. My biggest problem with it is the sheer ease with which people can malinger with undiagnoseable back complaints or 'emotional exhaustion' whilst still sticking rigidly enough to the rules never to get pulled up for it. Grumble, grumble......

    Having said that there are plenty of people that take pride in their work and will go the extra mile when the pressure's on but it's the odd jobsworth bad egg that ruineth a reputation.
  8. I have very little sympathy for the CS at all levels as this culture is 'Obscenely Rife' and many Managers fail to act OR by the time they do the system allows it to get out of hand, badly managed or simply allowed to exacerbate beyond resolve
  9. The shift allowance of 38% is based on working outside of a normal 9 to 5, no weekend or bank holiday pay or any other allowances. Basic salary only.

    I do not earn £40K. Closer to £30, but will soon be well under that. I want a non-shift job anyway as shift working won't pay. I think it highly likely that people will eventually be compelled to work shifts here as it is such an unattractive proposition right now.

    The problem is allegedly public sector pensions cost the taxpayer too much today. The public sector solution is to pension more people off early thereby increasing the amount of public sector pensioners funded now by the taxpayer today? Note that those who took early retirement last month were tax contributors, now they are tax burdens. How does that help the deficit?

    Then you thought wrong. If this is what working life is going to be like from now on, I would rather be unemployed.
  10. Prison officers work without night or weekend pay or overtime and I think this was also negotiated away for nurses. Welcome to reality.
  11. cant wait for the pricks in the LFB to see this site.
  12. Yep. Shift workers in my Force earn a flat 15%, with nothing extra for weekends etc etc. 38% takes the piss.
  13. I don't get any overtime the practice can't afford it but I'm quite well paid anyway. I'd rather work extra for nothing than be out of work.
  14. Yes, as I'm job hunting at the moment I take a close interest in the Sits Vac columns. I wonder why the bulk of vacancies in Metro & The Evening Standard are for Public Sector jobs?