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CS Grenades - Hand Thrown

If I abuse your ARRSE like this, I could posibly be the laziest man in NATO....

I need 1 or 2 new CS grenade models, in national quantities... and want to know what other NATO nations (including UK) are using. Name, Nato Stock Number or LOT number very much appreciated (helps me find the manufacturer). Picci's, experiences and comments might make the thread interesting. Not interested whatsoever in Joe Bloggs Security Supplies.

Anyone care to tell me what you've got? especially you "multinationals"... it'll save me a few days work :D
Howayman said:
Grenade, Hand, Anti-Riot, Irritant, L13
Grenade, Hand, Practice, Anti-Riot, L16
Thanks... just went on a Google search of these and got no further... I'll try again later unless anyone can give me the three letters on a lot number.

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