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I have been set a task to find out what CS stands for in CS Gas.
I know it is the names of the makers of it, but does anyone know them? With correct spelling if possible please.


thanks - this was the first line from the link :-

CS, which stands for 0-chlorobenzalmalononitrile

I thought that CS stood for the initials of the makers of it - some german pair.

Which is correct?
CS is indeed 2-Chlorobenzalmalononitrile  ClC6H4CHC(CN2).  The name comes from the succession of irritants starting many years ago.  Its predecessor was CR [C13H9NO - dibenzoxazepine).  There was a CH but not sure if it was related.  CK was a WW1 blood agent and definitely not related.  

CN was part of the series [ 2-chloro-1-phenylethanone or chloroacetophenone - C6H5C(O)CH2Cl] and is what we used to use.  But we used to call it CAP.  Various different versions of CN when mixed with other stuff (CNB, CNC, CNS etc).

Hope this helps.


that's great thanks - where did I get the 'it's the initials of the makers' from then? :-/
The simplest explanation I recall being given was that CS stood for "Chenical Smoke".

I am sure there must be someway of identifying the makers with the tablets.  However, I am, like many others I am sure, more concerned with trying to get the bl@@dy things to ignite correctly in the chamber to be too concerned about their manufacture.

I'm with you hon (yeah yeah I know, in my dreams ;D ), I also thought it stood for the makers names we were told that by our NBC instructors, I even found out what it actually was, I'll see if I can find it again. Wait out.
CS gas is an irritant gas that affects vision and respiration. It was synthesized by Corson and Stoughton in 1928 and is used in riot control. Its full chemical name is o~chlorobenzylidine malononitrile. The CS spray, currently being used by British police, contains 5% of the irritant 2~chlorobenzylidene-malononitrile pressurised under nitrogen gas in a solvent.

Hawley's Condensed Chemical Dictionary 11th Edition.


personally I much prefer this explanation, as there is no S in the chemical name for the loverly stuff.

all the best

any one tell me what the CR in CR gas stands for? All I know is that it is a million times nastier than CS, dun arf make the eyes water.
Not too sure what the CR actually stands for but CR gas is supposedly ten times worse than CS

The actual agent used is Dibenzoxazepine

hope that helps.
it hurts alright :twisted: :twisted:
C S gas still tastes horrible just reintroduced too after a gap of several years cant say the gap was long enough :(
glad you found out what it meant, just out of interest though, did you know that if you take the cannister off your respirator and blow through it the opposite way whilst aiming it in the face of a sleeping squaddie the results are quite hilarious? probbably illegal but so so funny!

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