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Looking for some honest advise if possible.. After RSC I have been offered only my third job choice due to my Technical selection test results. My choices are, CS Engineer, Installation Technician or CS Operator.

I was advised to retake the maths test in a month to try and get my first job choiced, cs engineer. My concern is that if I scrape through and get the results I need, am i just setting myself up for a fall if there are more complex maths tests at phase 2?

I've been told it wouldn't be a problem as I would just get 'cascaded' down to my other job choices if i didnt meet the grade in phase 2 training. I have no problem being moved down to the installation technician trade but to be honest the CS operator trade doesn't have the same appeal and I realise that once I'm in I couldn't really say "no i don't want that job". Any thoughts appreciated...
When you join the army, you are taking a job which requires you to know how to use a rifle. How many people join say "Oh, right, I didn't realise. I can't use a rifle, I'd better find another job"? Answer; none; they all learn to use the rifle. Maths is exactly the same; get out and buy yourself a book or sign up for an evening course. Once you grasp the basics then it's very logical and not too hard.


The maths at Phase 2 level for CS Engineer is not particularly difficult, a lot of the old "Tech maths" has been binned. Get a good grasp of Pythagoras, decibel conversions, and binary/hexidecimal, and you should be okay. Like BZ says, you'll be taught these anyway, but it helps to have an understanding in the first place.


I'm going for CS Engineer also. I had my GCSE Science grade D drafted because I have a GNVQ in ICT fortunately.

But I sometimes worry also about all the learning the phase 2. With a lot of things I'll be clueless, but I guess they teach you everything you need to know, right?


Firstly, you are not drated, but accepted for entry, we are not in the 60's.

Your success at grade D is not a poetic acceptance of times are hard, but merely a reduction in entry level for the CSE TRADE CEG. a trade that is no longer circuit board related, but keyboard related. Long is the day when physics/maths and the bench mark for such a trade.

Be positive and willing too learn, it is not an easy trade, but one you must enbrance to progress within the Corps.

Good luck and good hunting, train hard, fight hard. Good hunting.
Thanks for the helpful info. Turns out I have been offered CS Engineer despite what I was told at ADSC. I'll still be brushing up on the maths anyway!


Stick with it, I've been impressed what the Army can achieve with education. Its not the same as school, the army teaches in a way that suits many that could have done better at school
polar said:
Stick with it, I've been impressed what the Army can achieve with education. Its not the same as school, the army teaches in a way that suits many that could have done better at school

Yep, it´s amazing what discipline in the classroom achieves :)

A bit of work prior to turning up will stand you in good stead.... but (and a lot of them are friends of mine) the instructors will help you if you have the following.

a. A good attitude.
b. The ability to put ones hands up, admit you haven´t got an igloo and ask for help.

You´ll be amazed howmany stumble on the above points.

IIRC the Class 1s (ie those that are about 5 years ahead of you) sit in on evening activies such as extra tuition in maths etc. You´ll find them in the blocks too. Again ask for help and the better ones will help you.

I am currently running maths courses for our lads to get them ready for their Class 1 courses.

Trig, binary )denary to bin conv, addition and subtraction), hex conversion from denary and bin, and decibals should be about the only things you should build up to.

Assuming you know how to add, subtract, multiply, divide and other simpler maths.

Also learn the terms average, median, etc.

But as mentioned above, any prior learning will aid you, but you will be pretty much taught from scratch if neccesary.

PS.... it isn´t a cliche to say it, but it was MUCH MUCH harder in my day :D

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