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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by dannyboy99, Jan 5, 2012.

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  1. I'm currently in the process of completing my class 2 (CS Engineer), and was just wondering how long the average time is before techs are loaded onto the class 1 course at Blandford (after they complete their class 2). Also does it differ with what unit you are at? I searched the forum and just found topics about the actual course. Thanks.
  2. A lot of it comes do to your CoC. If you prove you are capable of handling the extra pressure of running a workshop and are good at trade then they will put you forward for it (not sure if there is still an entrance exam).

    It's not the units that differ but the personnel. Some like to get their guys on it quickly others want the guys to get a couple of units experience.

    I done mine in 2005 after just one unit and the other guys and girls on my course had done a few units so knew a lot more kit than me. Counted for nothing in the end!
  3. Entrance exam was sacked around 2008... which is a pity. It was a good leveller and focused the minds.

    Ask your CoC. But I think once you're class 2 is stamped it is just a case of waiting for your turn. Two years seems about the minimum.
  4. Strange decision considering it rooted out those that weren't capable and had to retrade, creating space for those that were capable in an overcrowded trade at Cpl level.
  5. I was voluntold to run several crammers.
    Always good for a laugh, especially when I got to invigilate with the TOT and Regi FofS on the 'day'. 2 four hour exams... get some o' that down ya.
  6. Ok thanks for the replies. Would you say that you have to make it known you want to go for your class 1, or is it a case of working hard and hoping someone notices you?
  7. What do you think? You prat.

    Your CoC aren't psychic.
  8. Cut out letters from newspapers and Pritt stick them to a bit of paper telling your FofS you wanna go on your class one or you'll kidnap his kids. That'll sort you out.

    Or you could start acting like a class 1. Take advice and work out your plan yourself.

    What unit are you at now???
  9. Seriously though if you call (0)20 7839 1377 and ask for Liz, she's in a position to find out when spaces will be available for you on the class 1 course. Don't let the switchboard monkey fob you off - Liz is the boss and they hate letting people talk to the manager there. Just keep insisting you need to speak to her.
  10. That reminds me.

    We had a mech at Laarbruch that was retrading to tech (yes I know). We told him that when he got to 1 sqn he should go into P troop office and tell them that as he had already served 3 years he would be happy to move into one of the bunks and take charge of a wing for them.

    Went down really well apparently.
  11. Now that the thread has drifted off track (par normal), here is the offical line on being elligible for your Class 1 CSE as extracted from SOinC(A) PD No 4 Annex E refers:

    Firstly for CSE's you need to undertake the Class 2 Workbook and Pre Class 1 course etc details are:

    Commence Class 1 Part 1 Workbook
    1. Conducted in unit.
    2. Minimum 12 months from Class 2 granted before commencement.
    3. Unit requests workbook from DCCIS Course Admin.
    4. Must complete Class 1 Part 1 workbook produced by the DCCIS and retain the book to take to the Class 1 course.

    Criteria For CSE Class 1 course is

    Soldier Eligible to attend Class 1 Part 2 (DCCIS) Course if:
    1. Class 1 Part 1 complete.
    2. All pre-Class 1 courses complete if required.
    3. Minimum rank LCpl and 2 years after Class 2 awarded.
    4. MATTs complete (Minimum MLD).
    5. CO / OC recommends soldier for Class 1 training.
    6. Units apply via R SIGNALS Wing

    Course loading is done:

    Class 1 Part 2 (CEUR)
    1. Conducted at the DCCIS.
    2. Loaded by R SIGNALS Wing.
    3. Loading priority is in rank seniority order.
    4. Once achieved, DCCIS awards JPA competency

    The point you need to be aware of is CO/OC recomends you regardless of completion of Workbook etc it these you have to convince you are ready. If you had asked your Sqn FofS or RCMO you could have saved me 2mins of my life.
  12. HA! Yes, take to the Class 1 course, then casually ask a few months down the line if anybody needs to see it, to which the reply is "what workbook?".