CS Eng Class 1 promotion...?

Rumours are rife amongst the Corps, but nobody seems to know for sure, so I'm opening it up to the floor... (yes, it all rhymes)

Situation: Class 2 full-screw CS Eng, currently on Class 1 course, has all the other boxes ticked, and has just had an absolutely gleaming SJAR recommending them for immediate promotion.

Question: Can this SJAR be submitted for the Cpl-Sgt promotion board, even though the Cpl is not yet Class 1 in trade? Surely the fact that the soldier will soon have that box ticked qualifies them for the board?

I'm actually after the proper factual answer, as opposed to opinions... but "don't promote the tech cnut" type replies are always welcome for entertainment purposes. :p
He isn't a class 1, so no.

He must be a Class 1 qualified soldier to appear on the board. Being on the course doesn't count. IF he would be qualified prior to the promotion year, then I think he can, but he'd have to speak to the RCMO to confirm.

I think this has been the case since the 2006 QAB. Lot of confusion due to moving from timed promotion to merit.

To make up for the conversion, early boards at first allowed non Class1s to be eligible on qualification, then only if they were actually on the course, and finally from 06/07 onwards, only if they were qualified.

No facts or figures to hand on this, but it's pretty accurate.

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