CS abuse claim

Seeings how our mod has decided to lock the previous thread (go bless his soul). I wish to ask why the fuck he feels the need to not only censor a subject of discussion that is currently in the media but also black ops a thread that might actually sway whatever discussion into a positive light?

Reality pill.

A tabloid has reported a matter. We are discussing it. Fact. I believe any discussion on this matter will highlight that they (the media) are talikng out of their hoops.

If a moderator cannot use his abilities other than 'locking' then they need to re assess their ability to moderate. The ultimate action is to lock or delete a thread. There are several actions in the arsenal prior to that. Moderator; Its not your website, the situation will be talked about. Get a fcuking grip FFS.
Too late now lofty. The moment seems to have past.

BTW. Im pretty sure this thread had lots of replies on it. Where have they gone?


hey dont look at me, i've been on exercise all week.

but if you like, i could lock or delete this thread like the ones on the other boards if it would make you feel better. your choice.
Stop being a cock, Papa, it doesnt suit you.

On what grounds would you be deleting or locking the thread? No site rules breeched. Just an opinion on moderation.

Check your PMs.

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