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CS 95 Trousers with mesh pockets??


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Recently I've seen a couple of people milling about with what look like CS 95 Trousers with mesh on the bottom of the leg pockets. One of them told they were issued to her.

Anyone any clues.
Interceptor said:
I was on a course with a fella sporting a droopy moustache etc. He had those funky mesh pockets and said they were issued to THEM.
Yeah me too. Mesh in the shirt pockets aswell. Goretex looks v good too
There are two variations of this kit doing the rounds. Most of it is the SF Tantalus system (improved and turned into PECOC), while the rest of it is some of the PECOC concept demonstrators kit that is flying around. Nothing I am aware of is on regular issue. 'Normal' people wearing it may be attached troops.

The its designed to allow water out, the feedback from most troops is they don't like it lets small items fall through the gaps; therefore currently discounted from PECOC.

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