cs 95 the big issue !

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by threesend, Mar 22, 2005.

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  1. i have heard through many channels that cs95 is being binned ? well is it ? is it time to dust off those two-tone lightweights ??
  2. Must be, CS2000 is for sale on eBay
  3. I put this thread out on the signals forum the other day, i heard we were binning C95 and going over to lightweights again. Any one else heard the duty rumour?
  4. My regt has made all SSM's wear Barrack Dress, maybe this is just the start?
  5. I have heard that Barrack Dress was being re-introduced Army wide. With Lightweights, Shirts & Jumper for wear in camp, with CS95 for use on operations & exercises only as a general rule!

    Reason being CS95 is too expensive to maintain at current usage levels.
  6. I've been through 3 pairs of cs95 trousers in the past year, yet never had to change lightweights.
  7. The replacement for CS95 is called PECOC or somesuch 'clever' acronym. When I have more I will post.
  8. Source material has been sanitised:

    The Army Dress Committee is developing the plan for (wait for it) FAD (Future Army Drss): this will include barrack dress and working dress and practical, smart uniforms for in barracks use (e.g., shoes that can be worn in the mess, warrior park and POL store without being a hazard in either...). This will include trousers, shirts and jumpers (it is unlikely that there will be a waterproof top as it will be very expensive).

    CS 95 will be replaced by PECOC (very expensive) but for field use only.
  9. Just found this un-classified on the net:


  10. All it needs is a tie and very smart it would be indeed. I've only ever dealt with CS95, all though the barracks dress option is there, so a question to those who were there when it was common place...

    Will a change over hinder productivity at all? Or could you do everything you do in barracks now (in CS95) in barracks dress? Other than looking somewhat better dressed...
  11. #Barbs clears throat#

    Uniform is an integral part of the moral component of fighting power.

    #party line over#

    The way uniform was described to me was:

    No 1 Dress - Tails
    Mess Kit - White Tie
    Service Dress - Suit
    Barrack Dress - Jacket and Tie

    You should wear them as you would the alternatives. In an office Barrack Dress or Service Dress; we have fallen into a cultural trap recently in that commanders at every level wear CS95 out of convenience not utility.

    Combats is for the field or training.
  12. Fair point however, The current clothing is comfortable and does not hinder movement. I see the point that a desk jocky may not require to be wearing clothing such as this but consider a commander and his staff who get their hands dirty with the lads. Comes to work in SD and does a couple of hours in the office then wants to go and join the lads or do some none office based work. This person then has to go and change into working dress and then back again when returing to the office. Time wasting? This could also lead to a them and us attitude. In addition uniform by its very name should be uniform accross the ranks. We are always told you are a soldier first so should we not be dressed to carry out this job?
  13. Fatcakes,

    I change uniform about four times a day - in order that I am in the correct order of dress for each part of it.

    I see the point but it makes us lazy if we do dumb down or go lowest common denominator. I have seen officers and soldiers punting about in the NAAFI and up to three hours after a tab still wearing the same shit they finished in- now that is unprofessional and idle.

    Additionally wearing a particular uniform puts you inthe correct frame of mind - if you are in CS95 on parade you will feel out of place, look out of place and it will look arrse. A parade in No 2s looks smart and the sioldiers feel smart.
  14. PECOC:

    Prioritising Export Contracts Out of China
  15. What exactly is the difference between Working Dress and Barrack Dress and when would you wear one but not the other? Most people before C95 seem to have worn lightweights for everyday stuff. Are these part of barrack dress? I'm in the TA and have only known C95.