CS 95 - Old good, New Bad.

Couple of years ago I Xchanged some CS 95 (worn out) and got some new stuff, as usual, it took a couple of washes before the stuff got comfy and a bit faded 8)

Got some new CS 95 a couple of months ago, and even after copious washing the ******* stuff still looks and feels like it's just come out of the wrapping. Anyone know if suppliers have been switched. I'm loath to change my remaining comfy set, but it's starting to come apart at the seams :oops:
One of the whinges to CGSs briefing team was that C95 faded to different colours when it was washed - making you look like Serb MUP/Kuwaiti SF. They've obviously deemed that DPM should remain..er...Dpm.
PaddyRAC said:
anyone been issued any of the new rip stop stuff yet? the trousers and shirt. there the only changes that im aware of.

I've seen the trousers, they look pretty good.

Staying the right colour is one thing, but at least the fading stuff looked 'reasonably' smart once it had had a few ironings; this new, non fading stuff just looks and feels like a bag of sh*te.
I have noticed my 95s fading after a while, but they look better and more natural faded than new issue.

Has anyone heard about the new deals to have our kit manufactured in China?
I have a shirt and it's rather bizarre; it's neither one thing (a C95 shirt) nor the other (a C95 smock).

It doesn't feel robust enough to wear without a smock, and it's not light enough (or iron-friendly enough) for general use.

The trousers are deep joy though.
Earl Grey,

Suppliers of S95 Clothing have changed this year, I don't know who the new manufacturers are, but I agree, from what I have seen, this stuff is FNG fresh for years.
The material of the new CS95 seems to be a poly-cotton cloth like the old trops or lightweights. The prevoius CS 95 was a different weave with more cotton.

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