cs 95 being binned ??

right ive heard a lot of rumours in the world of scalie about cs 95 being binned , too expensive etc , is there anyone on this site that can confirm that this rumour is true ? or is it a load of arrse?
I have heard that Barrack Dress was being re-introduced. With Lightweights, Shirts & Jumper for wear in camp, and C95 for use on operations & exercises only.

Other than that what would they replace C95 with?

Would the C95 Field Jacket still be worn as an outer jacket like the old DPM jackets were?
CS95 is staying and Barrack Dress will be reintroduced, possible in a number of different forms. This will depend on job type. Apparently CS95 is too expensive to maintain at current usage levels.

We are also all going to receive a "new" set of Number 2s.
yeh youll receive new service dress general pattern in 2009. Its the same as the officer pattern, a one for all package which saves WO1s and Officers spending £1000 on it, now it will be issued
I thought that they'd got round the CS 95 problem by routinely sending us to the gulf - to get even wear out of both green and desert combats. :roll:
I heard that they are binning CS95 because of the amount of cost to furnish the said cloth with all the crap badges that get issued and must be worn.

So much for being inconspicious on the battlefield. Let's let every man and his dog know which Bde & formation is moving everywhere.
Great Idea!!

"Loose lips sink ships" - Snazzy badges fu*k us all over!
Rumour I heard was you get two pairs of No2 trousers with the new No2's, one pair to be used as barrack trousers.

The lightweight and green shirt is going to be the new day to day working dress.

I hate combat 95, always prefered combat 65 myself.
Guess I will have to sign for all my old kit again, only have cs95, handed all the old stuff in 2 years ago, the civvy clothing storeman was greaaat, could not give a flying fcuk, told the lads, they all got fcuked off :lol:
don't know if its a coincidence, but we had the clothing gurus over from the UK today, scanning just about anyone one they could get there hands on. don't know weather it was for a possible new uniform or they just had some left over budget.
New 2's based on Guards Div offrs No 2s as they are lighter and easier to maintain, and they'll be tailored, apparently its cheaper than 'off the shelf'
Sounds a great plan to me, working/barrack dress with separate combat 95! Although surely we are re-inventing the wheel again.........

Time to crack out the favorite woolie pully, lightweights and the starch. LUSH :numberone:

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