Crystal Meth and Crack

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tartan_Terrier, Jan 18, 2007.

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  1. I've just read this article on the upgrading of crystal meth to a class A drug:

    Obviously I've heard all the horror stories from the US, and think that it's sensible to have it re-classified.

    Perhaps I'm mistaken though, but since this drug isn't exactly new, what is the likelihood of it's use suddenly taking off in the UK?

    What about crack cocaine? Another drug that was/is a major scourge in the States. How big a problem is it in Britain?
  2. Oh... I thought this was an avertisement. I was just going to request a price list - Anything to get me away from Blair and Jade Goody, if only for a short while!

    On a more serious note...

    Crack cocaine is a massive problem in the UK. All the prossies and so called "smackheads" I know of are actually using crack.

    As for crystal meth, I'm surprised to hear that it isn't a class A drug.
  3. Yeah me too, though I prefer a bit of smack to calm down my rage and jangling nerves every time I see either of those two cnuts on the telly.

    If I was doing crack or crystal meth, guess which one of the two of those cnuts would now be expired (as a hint, I'd probably be expired in the attempt).

    Yep, crack is a MAJOR problem in the UK and it's not just smackheads having a go, it's also cokeheads and dope smokers.

    All we need to do is stick a couple of additives in and hey presto, junkie problem solved. I'm thinking along the lines of Polonium.
  4. Crystal meth is becoming a fashion drugs, aided greatly by the fact that it can be made in your own home from pharmaceutical products originally intended to fight the symptoms of the common cold.

    With this in mind, production and supply are less of a problem, so eliminating the drug becomes increasingly difficult.

    And yes, I too am surprised that it wasn't already Class A.
  5. how do you make it again?
  6. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    You're right and I imagine as with when Crack cocaine hit in the 80's the reason its not a real problem at the moment is the 'chef' phenomena. This could occur far quicker than it did in the 80's with cocaine for the reason you outline. Prepping crack if you don't know what you're doing could be a very expensive procedure as I think I'm right in saying an ounce of coke costs between £750-£1000, not a small expense to street level criminals.

    Crystal Meth/Crank/Ice has been around since the early nineties but it appeared more as a result of importation than production coming in on planes in the luggage of US commuters.

    I magine the reason it was not classified as a Cat A controlled substance is that for all its nastiness it is effectively amphetamine and was thus sitting under Cat B until it was classified in its own right.

    This stuff is a real scourge in the US, recently I watched 'A scanner darkly' developed from a book by the writer Philip K Dick, althought in the film it had capsules of 'Substance D' the addicts in the film were presenting as if they had taken crank. Vey good film, superb characterisation of addicts. Defintely worth a mouse click.
  7. I've always been a crystal meth man myself, it's rather more underground chic than crack. I too am suprised that it wasn't Class A already.

    As I understand it Britain has traditionally had a greater heroin addiction rate than the US and as such crack hasn't taken as much of a hold as it has is some areas of the US. Whilst the two aren't mutually exclusive, you need a bloody large income to be addicted to both. Ultimately it depends what your local dealers are pushing out and at what price.
  8. News says it is easy to make from scratch (drain cleaner and other nice things) and that because it is highly addictive, there is a belief or evidence that dealers will push it to cocaine users as a 'fun' alternative knowing that their subsequent addiction will keep the cash rolling in. The argument was that 'casual' cocaine users could be fooled into taking it, thinking it was relatively harmless. I guess they are trying to avoid the same sort of growth that the US has seen. Apparently it make people go absolutely bonkers.
  9. Sorry to disappoint you, Nehustan, but all you need to knock up crack is cocaine, baking powder, a spoon (or other small metal receptacle), a Bic lighter and a needle to wind it in on. There's no longer any fancy chemistry involved. Although I will admit that doing it with chemicals does make the product just a little more pure.

  10. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    I think what you are referring to is the prepping of what is known as a 'speedball' which many users do prep in a spoon as you delineate. The street dealers who sell 'rocks' of crack have their wares prepped in 'factories' with 'chefs' (usually just a kitchen), though by 2007 I imagine there are almost as many of these cottage industries and their technicians as users. Although theorectically it is simple basic base manipualtion, you explain that to your boss when a large amount of his product is a mush rather than the large desired 'rock' he can split and sell on the street.
  11. Nope, speedballs are smack and cocaine/crack smoking...

    Bugsy is right, all you need to "wash up" charlie is bicarb and a heat source...

    expensive business though.... you dont get much "return" and sniff is still THE most spectacularly inflated/overpriced class A on the market...


    Chrystal is the poor mans crack, and pretty rubbish in all respects...

    Just say "not now thanks, maybe later" kids....
  12. cracks a huge problem not helped by the fact once a smack head has had his smack he gouges out for a few hours so no longer a problem.
    a crack user can just keep going as long as he's got access to crack and will do anything for cash so that means dealers can make way more money so more violence and everyones hyper on crack not a good mix after staring down the buisness end of an uzi decided drug alcohol work was no longer for me :(
  13. I am surprised it was not already a class A drug. But then again, when would the relevant bodies have time to do that when matters such as Big Brother are more important.
    I have seen a couple of documentaries (CSI anyone :D ) and the effects of the drug are devastating, and also highlty addictive, some would argue more addictive than anything else.
    However Bugsy and Nehustan, your knowledge on drug making intrigues me. Are you two chemists working for the criminal underworld :D

    Top news story:
    British soldiers produce their own class A drugs :D
  14. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Let's just say I've spent enough time in the underbelly of society to have some idea about things. I don't think there are that many dark corners I don't have some idea about. Still observe what goes on, find it almost impossible to switch off...

    (by the way I'm sure users do prep their own crack a lá 'freebase', but to my mind its the associated gang crime and 'industrial' production (e.g. as dealth with by Trident) that is a real problem. Not that a user who has stolen to get his powder doesn't commit crime, its just maybe not as sinister)