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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by countdokku, Jan 4, 2006.

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  1. Anyone care to make a few predictions for 2006?
    My one is:
    Israel and/or the US will take military action against Iran before the end of the year.
  2. You think so?

    I really don't , not when the full version of the Abramoff scandal gets out.
  3. I think that there will be another round of defence cuts - SDR 25 FAS 20 lol

    There going to mobilise the army cadet force in order to fill the shortfull in the TA.
  4. When I finish rubbing mine I will let you know
  5. an even more leaner, deployable and flexible force for the future...... :?
  6. Or, to put it another way, less suaddies doing more work for the same wages.
    Join the Army. Be Depressed.
  7. LOL yeah well they have most of the equitment so it would save money, aww bless the little walts.
  8. Mmmmm....if Dubya throws a dart at the world map, and decides to throw his weight around, you can bet the grinning sycophant will hanging out of Dubyas arrse.
  9. I'd also like to hope for a Tsunami to destroy France. Then when the land dries, we could all have holiday homes.
  10. ten years from now army, raf and navy will be combined to form the uk defence force. 25 years from now a european army.

  11. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    The power vacuum caused by the death of Sharon will create the bloodbath of bloodbaths in the Middle East.
  12. The government will do something right??
  13. Mandelson will end his stint in Europe and return to a place in the cabinet.
    Prescott will utter a logical, coherent and relevent sentence.... oh, sorry, I'm fantasising again.
    England will be runners up in the Six Nations.
    Only teetotallers will be accepted for political candidate shortlists.
    Saddams trial will run throughout the year.
    Milosevic will dig in for an even longer stay at the Hague in an attempt to secure a place in the Guiness Book of Records. (See Saddam above.)
    Mladic will shop Karadic in an attempt to be left in peace.
    Paddy Ashdown will be run for Sec Gen of the UN.
    Paddy Ashdown will not become Sec Gen of the UN.
    The Beckhams will divorce.
    Elton John will "divorce".
    Posh 'n' Wiggy will set up a fashion label together as recuperative therapy.
    Mugabe will be offed in a palace coup. (Well, we can hope, can't we?)
    China will put another couple of million dissidents into prison camps to ensure that the Olympic contruction workforce is large enough to keep to schedule.
    Vadimir Putin will revoke the title of President...
    .....and crown himself Tsar Vladimir.
    Tony Blair will revoke the title of Prime Minister.......
    and replace Dick Cheney as VP of the USA.
    .... notice I've made no predictions about Iraq? See diary for 2005 and repeat (in a non-Gunner way.)
  14. A blistering 2 percent pay rise in April. Again.
    Colchester United finish the season as League 1 Champions. Now that is wishful thinking!
    Brown will get more and more frustrated as Bliar refuses to shift.
    Cameron signs up Girls Aloud and Take That to make the Tories more appealing to 'da youff of terrday'.
    Bush will not receive an honorary degree from anyone.
    There will be a program on Channel 4 called 'The 100 Greatest '100 Greatest' Programs'. I will fall asleep and miss the end.
    I will be a whole year closer to retirement.
    I still won't be able to afford a new car.
    I still won't know what I want to do when I retire.
  15. J_D

    J_D LE

    Am I correct in saying, that happens every god d@mn year :twisted:

    I think the Fire brigade will try their "skip work for more money" ploy again :wink: