Crysis: Warhead - Tech issue


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Installed this the other day. Played it directly after install and runs fine (although I did overestimate my new 3D card, so I had to take the settings off maximum - things were going transparent on me now and then). I went to play it for the second time last night, and the mouse is fcuked.

From the first options screen onwards (including load/save menus prior to starting a game, and weapon customisation screens in-game) the cursor is off centre about about 3 inches to the left and one inch up. Wherever I point it, the game thinks I'm trying to click at this offset point. As a result the cursor will not travel to the far left of the screen, and will go off the screen on the right.

This is only really a minor irritant since I can compensate for it, but I wouldn't mind getting it sorted. Before I start digging around in tech forums and the like, has anyone ever come across this? Is it a game issue, or a problem with system settings or hardware?


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I will be doing now :)

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