Crysis Mod - Northern Ireland

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Squiggers, Feb 21, 2009.

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  1. A few of you may have noticed a while back about vechiles, etc. in 'iron.

    Well, time to come clean, I think.

    A while back, I was researching Northern Ireland, and got heavily into the subject - I'm an 8th Irish, after all, it's pretty much heritage - and began to wonder to myself.

    There's movies, and books on The Troubles. Why not a game, or modification?

    Bloody stupid idea, I admit, but after pondering it over, I started getting a team together, and an idea emerged after a while. The main reason WHY we're able to do this, is because if we don't bring forth stuff like this, and get it into the media, what happens? I admit, if this was a full game, and was on it's own engine, and I was charging money, I'd be pretty screwed - no publisher would take on this, as their legal/marketing department would probably implode on the mere sight of the design document. :roll:

    The idea was entirely fictional, and we attempted to make the plot as inoffensive as possible. Hence the player being mostly Irish.

    Anyway, a basic plot description:

    Now, the main theme of the mod, is a case of Realism, and "What if...?". In regards to the weapon effects, lets be blunt - you hit someone with a 7.62, and it's going to take half their shoulder out. We're also looking at getting in new, adapatible AI, as, quite frankly, the Crysis AI sucks MDN's hairless testes.

    Well, that's enough talking, I'll let you browse our links.

    ModDB Page:
    Crymod Page:

    Oh, plus, before someone comments on the L1A1 being slightly out, we've already discussed that with a mate who's joining up, and has several contacts in the 'forces, who's already pointed out the inaccuracies. No way in hell are we gonna re-render those images - it took nearly half an hour to an hour, PER IMAGE, and that time can be better spent on a new model - for example, a Lynx, of our version of Bessbrook mill - Lynbrook. :wink:

    Thoughts, suggestions, threats to my life, all welcome...

    Preferably, not the later, please. I'm worried enough about getting some IRA idiot/s doing that. I've already had flack about not including the IRA as a faction. :roll:
  2. sounds like a good idea to me. i would play that. my cousin works for team 17 (the ones who made worms) i will give you his email address if you want it mate. see if you can bounce ideas. My only demand is that i get a free copy of the finished result.
  3. Heh heh.

    Yeah, that would be great.

    And plus, it will be free, as it's on the Crysis engine - and if I tryed to get people to pay for it, I'd have Crytek attempting to rip my balls off.
  4. No other comments?


    Now, I wonder what would happen if I posted this in the Naffi...