Crysis 3

Any ARRSErs played this yet? The first Crysis was a quality game and even 5 years later looks better than most new games (Far Cry 3 for example looks second rate compared to maxed out Crysis on the PC). My current set up will probably run the new one fine but looking at the specs needed to run it as it is meant to be seen I'll likely need some more RAM & a newer GFX card. Looks cracking anyway

Not a PC gamer, strictly console. I was thinking of getting Crysis 3, but I had a look at various videos on YouTube and wasn't impressed by the lack of skill needed. It was just a run and gun type game and I think ruined the various weapons available.
Well I was looking forward to playing this. I bought it online on Monday and it wwas not made available in my Origin download.

2 advisor live chats later and I now have a refund.

Origin really is dogshit, why the hell EA cannot provide their games via Steam I don't know.
Have been trying to play Crysis 3 for a couple of days now but when I try to launch the game I get this message.
You need a DX11 capable GPU to play this game. Have a Nvidia Geforce GT340 up to 2811mb installed and yes DX11 is installed. Aybody any ideas how to get this game started?
Cannot help you with that one, Dennis...have you tried putting in a support ticket..or doing the usual stuff like getting the latest Geforce drivers?

Crysis 3 is now down to £19.99 on origin at the moment.
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