Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by brucewillis, Feb 15, 2007.

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  1. Is that the stuff superman is afraid of?
  2. You'll bring TA_Sig out in cold sweats!!!!
  3. Maybe we should have a bet on what time this gets deleted?

  4. Polar, check your pms ref my last.
  5. If it is the crypto I am thinking about then this is the wrong place to talk about it...

    If, however you are on about cryptonite.....chocks away!
  6. So it doesn't mean stealing things?
  7. What, Claptonite?

  8. Thought claptonight was what you got after going with a dirty whoabag!.
  9. -----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----
    Version: PGP Desktop 9.0.6 (Build 6060)

    -----END PGP MESSAGE-----
  10. Ahh! everything is so much more clear now, thanks AM
  11. Well thats me told, why would superman be afraid of that.
    Polar, Its still here!.
  12. Is this the longest fish for a WAH! yet?
  13. No BID an experiment was being attempted and it BWO'd
  14. It's enough to make your eyeballs bleed.

    Is there any point in this thread?
  15. Making peoples eyeballs bleed?