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Crypto Referrals and Airdrops (free coins)

NOT a tip, but i have been following FunFair since Nov 17. I have watched the price rise to .19c and now currently sits at .02c - i have been filling my bags all the way up and down!

Game-changing blockchain casino technology - FunFair

Jez Sans is their CEO, the creator of Starfox (Nintendo) and other geekery stuff, whi then moved to William Hill and has now set up the first provably fair crypto casino. Why am i telling you this?

They have just released their V2 White paper:


And the first casino goes live at some point during this week.
Remittance Exclusive Airdrop


joining is very simple!

1. Join Remco Telegram Group and AirdropRating Telegram Channel.

2. Follow Remco and AirdropRating on Twitter + Retweet this Tweet.

3. Follow Remco on Facebook and AirdropRating on Facebook.

4. Fill out the form below and include your Email and ETH wallet.

Users who do all tasks will earn 125 REMCO Tokens (~$10) and 25 REMCO Tokens (~$2) for every referral. (Unlimited referrals!)

Join airdrop by filling the form below

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