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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by copey, Jun 1, 2004.

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  1. this one should get a few hits, everyone has done their fair bit of bleating on about the quality of our comms kit combined with its age, perhaps if someone photo'd some of the sensitive stuff, got it on the old ebay, then the cat would be out of the bag and we'd get something newer and better to replace it? any ideas or suggestions? heheh
  2. ps . i think a fiver reserve should be enough!
  3. I reckon the idiot who did wouldn't see daylight for a long long time
  4. yes perhaps, but he'd get a nice stipey suntan, make a few bob on the postage and make everybody's job faster and easier, do you think the reserve is a bit high? :lol:
  5. say £4.50 :wink:
  6. anyone got any more bids? "buy it now" for a tenner! or what would you swap it for?
  7. Dont know if you'd need to bung it on ebay, a few quick google searches and i've learned things about kg84's that i should have known years ago. No photo's yet, but i'll keep looking!!

  8. Always remember that just because you've read about it in a book with all sorts of protective markings on it doesn't mean that it's not on the web somewhere. Particularly if it's American in origin, given their FOIA. This can lead to all sorts of embarrassment and overclassification.

    Which reminds me of the time honoured tradition of winding up the dark side by buying a Brasseys or similar book on the basics and dropping technical phrases into the conversation at mealtimes. Hours of fun watching them start to panic.
  9. think you have lost the plot :roll:
  10. There's even a bloody TUUAM on ebay at the mo 8O
  11. Blimey Hackle ,

    He's cheaper than replacing it from stores! He's doing a 353 for 195 squids 8O

    Wonder if he does whip antennaes in bulk. Also you'll get more than 10 miles out of a 404.

    Actually ,looking at all this kit ,you wonder if we should just have updated clansman with new crypto boards ,a bluetooth/wifi port and impact resistant plastic?
  12. LOL yes. I was also tempted by the ZIL radio truck, but it seems to have gone.