CRYOTEX knives by JML

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by exmunkey, Oct 28, 2012.

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  1. Has anyone bought or used Cryotex knives.

    £45 for a 3 knife set is fantastic value if it does what is says. Being a cynic I don't believe a word of it
  2. JML is probably all you need to know to decide.
  3. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    you knock JML, but they're one of **the** success stories in the UK of the last few years. the advertising and concepts may be a bit cheesy, but if they were just trying to flog crap that no one wanted and didnt work anyway they wouldnt have gotten where they are.
  4. yeah I know, was just being asking in the hope that my instincts were wrong.

    Did buy a Mora knife on recommendation from the site and it's the mutts nuts, a field knife thats sharp enough to shave with, always a good test and way cheaper than a comparable kitchen knife
  5. I'm not allowed knives, or parrots or fatties,
  6. can understand the first 2 because they can be very dangerous in the wrong hands but why fatties
  7. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    you might not be allowed fatties, but you still want me, dont you, you saucy minx?
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  8. I do.
  9. No it isn't; the whole shape of the grind is wrong. You might be able to take a few wispy hairs off your arm with it, but try it on your face and.... yes, actually, try it on your face, and post the video here. I could do with a laugh.

  10. Sluggy contemplates her next victim

  11. Pigshy, that was where I tried it and it did work not that I'm ever doing it again
  12. They sell shite to shopaholics.
  13. Nonsense, their combined letter-opener and potato-peeler is a marvel of Spanish design and Chinese craftsmanship. I especially love the way it folds up to form a handy protective case for a banana to go in your packed lunch.
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  14. This hobby stuff has its place, somewhere I s'pose. But these things below are what we call knives. Just saying. And they're Solingens.

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  15. My sister-in-law has bought every gadget under the sun. My brother has a double garage his car can't have see the inside for 20 years as its full of shit.
    He sends her on holiday and makes several trips to charity shops to get rid, she doesn't know it's gone. She's bought so much stuff for my parents they've a bedroom full of things like bread makers and muslamic ray gun rotisseries. My mother is 82 and doesn't trust ray gun cooking methods and makes her own bread.
    Anyway if you want decent knives ask one of the chefs on here.