Crying man is spared prison

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CDT_Dodger, Jul 6, 2006.

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  1. WTF - This guy glassed a pub landlord in front of his kids and then puts on the waterworks whilst in the dock. He was sentenced to six months but he judge then called him back due to his crying and dropped the six months.

    Do you think this tactic would work at a Court Martial?
  2. About as likely as waking up in the rsms house after bumming his daughter, then going down for breakfast in his dressing gown and slippers without getting in trouble.
  3. And Judges say they are only acting according to what the law states!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :roll:
  4. Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime...
  5. I found this the most telling part of the article:

    Asked how he would answer critics who said it was a soft sentence, he said: "I don't deserve to be in prison. At least I don't think so, not with what people get away with nowadays."

    These scum think that the law is week and therefore they can do what they want.

    We need tougher Judges. Oh for American style sentencing but British style prisons.
  6. Surely the victim can appeal? This surely constitutes a mistrial or is it yet another example of a legal system which always puts the criminal first?
  7. WTF :? mind boggles hope the community service is road sweeping in basra .Call yourself a thug crying in front of the beak should get doublethe sentance for being WEAK .And the judge needs a slap
  8. And the funny thing is? His name is HARDMAN! Ah, the irony...

  9. How about this one:

    Addict cleared of child killing
    A drug addict has been cleared of killing her daughter, by denying her life-saving hospital care.
    Denise Charles, 25, has already admitted neglecting two-year-old Ophelia by exposing her to drugs at a squalid flat in Southwark.

    But she denied refusing to let her be taken to hospital, knowing she had swallowed methadone prescribed for her mother's drug addiction.

    Two Old Bailey juries failed to reach a verdict on the manslaughter charge.

    The prosecution had argued she did not tell paramedics she gave Ophelia methadone to keep her quiet at their flat. Charles had claimed the girl may have taken it from the bottle herself.

    The first jury was discharged in June when it could not agree, and a retrial was ordered.

    But judge David Paget entered a not guilty verdict on Thursday, after the second jury was discharged and the prosecution said it offered no further evidence.

    Charles was remanded in custody to be sentenced on a child cruelty charge on 27 July.
  10. Anyone can ask the Attorney General to appeal against an unduly lenient sentence - just write to him
  11. anyone got his address or we could put a petition together.
    personally I think 28 days in colly would do him a world of good.
    just as long as everyone was told he's an al qaedia supporter
    hardman what a tosser
  12. Lets just send him to Singapore and see what sentence he gets out there , bet he really would be crying then.
  13. Atorney General 9 Buckingham Gate LONDON SW1 - and you need to write asap if yuo are going to - a decision on whether to refer sentence to the court of Appeal has to be made within 28 days of sentence being passed
  14. and spread the word in prison that he is a "nonce" :twisted:

    im going to write off and sent it in, i hope the victim is aware as well of his rights , if not he needs to be told ASAP