Crye it really ?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by tack-tickle, Apr 19, 2011.

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  1. I've just been shopping for some Crye Precsion (CP) kit that I wanted and started to get a little pissed off with how much kit is around claimimng to be CP so, it seems to me that some clarity is needed so you're sure that what you're buying is the real thing! So here is my take on things regarding Crye Precsion......

    A company called Duro (Duro Multicam) in conjunction with Crye Precision produced what is now commonly known as multicam. Crye Precsion use it to make their gear but problem is this, there is a huge number of companys making whatever they fancy in multicam and calling it CP when it really isn't. Having looked around the only company that represents CP for the whole of the UK is Level Peaks in Hereford ( I contacted them and bought what I needed safe in the sound that it was pukka CP kit. End of really! If you want CP clothing etc then buy it from these guys or run the risk of some cheap back street copy stuff......thoughts please from arrse-land appreciated.
  2. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    Do you work for Level Peaks by any chance?
  3. I think I will just use my issued MTP
  4. No I do not, just thought I was being helpful! As for sticking with issued kit, I noticed when I left the army they stopped giving me stuff...............I guess it was aimed more at the private sector.

    So glad I took the time to post now, new here but getting the jist of how things work!
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  5. Let me just clarify a few points for you young man.....

    Crye precision, as a company, designed and REGISTERED the Multi-cam pattern. Only Crye precision PRODUCE the Multi-cam pattern. As a company they are very robust at protecting the brand. See elsewhere in the forum for evidence of this [someone more able might provide a link].

    If you want to buy Multi-cam, you can only buy it from their distributors, Duro industries. This, along with the poorly negotiated license for the use of MTP, means that unless you have a government contract, you are at the mercy of Duro, who will supply you ONLY when all domestic [U.S.] customers are fully supplied.

    There are a number of similar camoflage patterns, camogrom [?] for example which is well established. But, if you think the only place you can buy genuine Crye products is the outlet you mentioned, then you are very much mistaken. Hopefully, other 'after market' kit producers will confirm that I am essentially correct on the above points.
  6. Now then i think this really does need some clarification here, there are a lot of products n ow popping up all over the web that claim to be 'Crye Precision MultiCam' this to me is a misleading description of the both the pattern itself and the product the title is given to.

    While I agree that the MultiCam pattern was designed by Cry Precision - Crye was involved in the US Militaries development program for the multi terrain pattern, MultiCam is a brand on its own and on its own website describes it as being designed in conjunction with Crye.

    The Duro fabric can be used by the list of manufacturers on the website to create any item - but surely a jacket then manufactured by say - Blackhawk - would be a MultiCam Jacket made with genuine MultiCam and not a Crye Precision MultiCam jacket made by Blackhawk. It would be like saying i drive a Ford Vauxhall Corsa - its just an incorrect description - yes the car was first designed by Ford but the car i drive is a Vauxhall Corsa.

    Crye gear is just exceptional in design and is manufactured to the very highest quality - yes its pricy and tough to get hold of, but then so is a Ferrari! - the Blackhawk is not manufactured or designed by Crye so therefore it should NOT be described as such. Tik-Tac is right it is to me misleading and Crye should get heavy with guys out there using their name incorrectly!
  7. Sorry, my bad - Blackhawk can't use the genuine MultiCam material to manufacture - according to the MultiCam website.
  8. I think there is confusion here between the goods made by Crye precision themselves [pretty high end stuff it must be stated] and goods made by other companies, jay jays, vanguard etc, which is made from Multi-cam material supplied by Crye [through duro as alredy mentioned elsewhere].

    Goods manufactured by Crye - cracking but expensive.
    Goods made by others in multicam - variable but still expensive.
  9. RVOps

    RVOps Sponsor

    Just to to reiterate what (In the Van) has posted, here's our 2p: We spoke to Crye Precision about importing their products in late 2009, as a retailer we had the raw cost of the goods to think about + shipping + import duty + fluctuating exchange rate + future MTP issue = expensive end price to the customer. Their is no doubt they are quality products but at that price we decided against it, this was borne out by the research we conducted in Plymouth with 3 Cdo Bde. Too expensive and their are alternatives, K cam, MTP, Camogram - all derivatives of multicam but not branded as genuine Crye multicam. Crye kit is expensive but not as expensive as Arc'teryx Leaf....
  10. Arc'teryx Leaf - When I saw what they charged for pants I wondered where the Plasma Telly was in them.
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  11. Principally Crye and Multicam are two parts of the same egg. Multicam (MultiCam® - Home) is the bit responsible for fabric and Crye Precision (Crye Precision) makes the nice expensive combat couture. Mr Cryemore will defend his pattern design even having fought with ebay to keep items made from China knock off MC off ebay.

    RVOPS mentioned the cost. It is not only a factor for imports to the UK, I have spoken with manufacturers in the USA that bemoan the $10 a yard raw cost of MC cordura compared to the $2 a yard cost for coyote and khaki. They have to pass the cost on to their customers. For the UK you factor in shipping, 12(ish)% import duty and also VAT.

    To be honest even in the US people [including official purchasers] are a tad miffed at the Crye mark up costs, individuals are using coyote coloured gear with a bit of krylon artistically sprayed. The US Navy has given its SF and Spec Ops people AOR1 and AOR2, a design which I am told the Navy owns .......... not wanting to play the Crye cost game. AOR1 / 2 is not [meant to be] for sale to individuals or agencies outside the US Navy, this has created a nice market for knackered / previously loved AOR kit. I recently saw a well USED AOR Mystery Ranch Rucksack (gear beloved of THEIRS and possibly THEM) on ebay bid up to around $500 and I have seen a set of AOR combats sold for nearly $2000 to a collector twonk.

    ATACS ( A-TACS | Advanced Tactical Camo ) is being touted as an alternative to Crye. I have seen it up close and was allowed to examine its effectiveness in the Nevada desert, it seems to work well and is being picked up by a few manufacturers .................. maybe they get a better deal from ATACs than they do from Crye.
  12. Maybe this link helps MultiCam® - Gear - CamelBak if it ain't on here, it ain't Crye Multicam, but, I'll caveat that by saying even if its Crye MC that doesn't make it a Crye product.
  13. Crye organise one hell of a fishing trip every year..........its almost legendary.

    One thing I did see with Crye this year is that they are playing with some over gloves for fast roping / abseiling. Very nice, light and easy to wear, I have a pic somewhere I'll see if I can find it. The one thing that Crye have bought to play is a bit of lateral thinking rather than the usual "Oh yeah, its for soldiers that'll do" approach that some of the big boys have used for years. Innovaters like Crye [and Arc'teryx] push up the bar and others have to rethink their approach in order to reach the new standards and expectations.
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