Cry rape & get banged up! Some docker from 'up north' get sent down.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Crouch_and_Hold, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. Ugh that is vile.
  2. Agreed, she looks like a fat mess
  3. OP for future reference,we prefer the expression "surprise sex" A bit more gentile I think.
  4. Are you implying that Gentiles are more likely to carry out impromptu non-mutually consensual intercourse than the chosen peoples? Oy veh!
  5. serves him right for banging it!
  6. Minger of the highest order.
  7. When your a rapist you can afford to be picky, who the fcuk is going to risk a 5 stretch to stick it into some blonde pig like her?
  8. I'd do her, as long as i could use my trusty 'love bag'

  9. Fucking horrid! I hope she dies quickly before she eats all the food supplies.

    She could of ironed those curtains the tramp!
  10. On the other hand, he might look like Wayne Rooney and was grateful at the time.
  11. Quite so, as I said to a lady at a party on Saturday night "I ccould sleep with any woman in this room." She laughed and asked what made me so sure. "Because I'm a rapist." I smiled and made my way unsteadily (it was late) to the bar for a refill. I can still see her horrified rictus like grin and the ticker-tape behind her eyes repeating like a mantra "He didn't really say that, i must be mistaken."
  12. Oh come on lads, you've all done worse than her in your times.
  13. You should have followed her home :)