Cry Havoc - let slip the Dogs of War

Has any one else seen the film The Dogs of War, starring Christopher Walken? I thought it was actually quite a good little movie about Mercenaries. Set in a fictitious West African country but was actually filmed in Belize (At the Airport and in and around Belize city)

It also stars Tom Berenger and this interesting weapon the MM1
Absolute Crap!!!!!!
Not a bad film Harry, I was particularly impressed by Mr Walken's knowledge of local birdlife.

The MM1 appeared some years later as one of the (suprisingly well researched) weapons in the Op Flashpoint game.
I agree Harry, its a good enough film, but its a great book. Freddie Forsyth can always be relied upon to spin a good yarn, and he certainly doesn't disappoint with this one.
Forsyth is an interesting character in his own right, he was a very young RAF pilot at nineteen, and a controversial war reporter in the sixties and seventies.
He's a top bloke, I'm even prepared to forgive him for being a crab :wink:
Not a bad film but surely it pales into insignificance alongside such classics as 'Ice Cold In Alex', 'The Heroes of Telemark' and 'The Great Escape' ? :?:
I read the book and enjoyed it. Later I saw the film, or at least five minutes of it. From what I remembered of the book there were a group of mostly European mercenaries based in the UK and a few other places I can't recall now, but none of which were the US.

The opening scenes and characters were enough for me to give a resigned sigh and switch off. Yet again they'd kidnapped something good and made it into the usual Hollywood festval of Americana.

Read the book if you get the chance Harry; as usual for Forsyth, bloody well researched and written. Shame about the film though.
[Read the book if you get the chance Harry; as usual for Forsyth, bloody well researched and written. Shame about the film though.[/quote]

Will give the book a go. I have to say i quite liked the film, tis always good to see Uzi's and SLRs blatting away!
woody said:
Didnt Mr forsyth get involved with mercanries for real at some point ?
He met quite a few while reporting on the conflicts in Eritrea and Biafra. His experiences there were the inspiration for "The dogs of war"
and it was for telling various truths about that conflict that he got into trouble with his employers.

Can't remember the exact details.
There are some fine bits in Dogs of War.. and Walken cements his wacko character impersonations in this early in his career, to set the precedent for many of roles he's had since.. but, generally, the Merc film concept was much , much better in The Wild Geese [ now out in a 30th anniversary DVD - if you can bloody find it in the stores ]..

As for Tom Barrenger - his film Sniper [ with a dozy Billy Zane ] is good for an afternoon's view with chips and beer..
Forsyth wrote a Book on the Biafra war "The Biafra Story ?' if my memory is correct. He was all for the Biafrans who he considered the natural entrapranures of Nigeria. The war was over Biafra declareing their own stste to take advantage of the oil which was on their land.
I seem to remember that he blamed Shell and The Wilson Government for the fact that Biafra was 'raped' and I all ways remember him describing it as the last war of genocided. Book written in early 70's.

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