Cry God for Harry.England and Saint George.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mortars2cg, Mar 20, 2010.

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  1. Now that Saint 'my Grandmothers neighbour drank guinness,so therfore I must celebrate it' Patricks day is over,the question of should the English celebrate St.Georges day has arisen again.

    Should it be watching Morris dancers on the village green,whilst drinking a warm pint of ale,then afterwards listen to Stephen Fry read excerts of our best wordsmiths Chaucer,Shakespeare And Dickens?

    Or could it be a drunken rampage through the city centers of Engerland,innit.

    I prefer the way we do it now ,in that most English of ways and do nothing,in a confident manner.
  2. You could always come on the arrse crawl, and celebrate St Georges day an event guaranteed to bring pleasure.
  3. It seems a little naff and insecure to want to venerate a National Saint - typically by getting shitfaced. The English demonstrate that they are above such trivia by basically ignoring theirs...
  4. My bold.

    Wow, you have midgets on an arrse crawl ?
  5. Why do you want to big up an Armenian dragon slayer, Oh and for all the Micks out there remember St Patrick was a Taffy
  6. Sixty

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    Hmm. As George was a Palestinian with a Turkish father, you could gather at the nearest synagogue and pelt it with rocks before heading off for a kebab?
  7. Just had a thought, "Harry" was Welsh, "I wear it for memorable honour. For I am Welsh, you know good counrtyman" Henry V SceneVII verse 192
  8. Well the dept for culture certainly earned their salaries promoting St Georges day over the last few years Linky
    Thanks for the effort there people :roll:
  9. Thats cos they spent it all sucking up to labour voteing muslims
  10. It would depend on what they were doing on the village green. If they were gang raping a local infants school teacher then I would watch but if they were 'dancing' then sorry but it's time to bugger off elsewhere.
  11. But aren't they English too? (especially if kidnapped abroad)
    Surely St George is patron St to ALL English people :)
  12. The Damsel & Dragon for a swift flagon of Mead mayhaps :D
  13. See you there. :)
  14. Who would just love to HONOUR a CHRISTIAN SAINT. Oh yer
  15. It's a spit & sawdust hostelry so don't wear your best armour!
    I'll get you one in while you change and saddle up the steed :D