Crusty Analog Film Photography & Lomography

Discussion in 'Photography' started by cernunnos, Mar 6, 2013.

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  1. Is anyone else here still sniffing the darkside of photography, or is it just me?
  2. Probably, when I moved on to a DSLR I had no trouble shifting my Nikon FM and lenses an eBay.
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  3. No I still use film, nothing like trying to get it out of the canister after winding it back in.

    I do use a DSLR as well though, good for quick views and sending out, but good quality low speed film works better for the pics I take (landscapes mainly).
  4. Nope, film luddite here also! **** instagram!
  5. I smell Kodachrome users.
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  6. Kodachrome - Awesome stuff and I miss it! I still have slides my dad took in the 30's that look fine. My Ektachrome slides from the 60's and 70's have faded badly.

    I still miss Kodak Technical Pan, exposed at 25 ISO and developed in Technidol gave amazing fine grain. Good film is hard to find today.

    Part of the reason I still use film is my love of my Leica MP and the lenses for it. I also occasionally use my dad's old pre-war Leica II for B&W pictures.
  7. Switched to a DSLR a while back but still run an occasional film through my dad's old Rolliflex twin reflex when I can get hold of some. Used to use Kodak Vericolor which gave great results but that's long gone and have moved onto Ektar. Have still to try the Portra film. (Note to self: get off arrse and track down a source on 't interweb.) Agfa was pretty good for its blue bias but its gone the way of the dinosaurs.

    A long time ago I did a photography course and part of the final exam was to submit an undeveloped roll of twelve shots. It certainly made you think twice before wasting film on crap.
  8. Still got my Pentax LX, motordrive and lenses from 17mm - 300mm, and a Spotmatic. Nikon F and FM2 with MD12, sold my Leitz Focomat 35 but kept a brand new Meopta Magnifax with colour head and a couple of nice Schneider lenses. I've got a drawer full of HP5 and FP4 - bit out of date. Plus about 80 other film cameras in storage, can't see the point in getting rid. Incidentally one of which is an original, made in the USSR, Lomo. I liked the styling of them but they're basically a piece of shit. Quite a masterstroke to make a virtue of their uncanny ability to record everything out of focus.
  9. I was looking for some photos the other week. Realised I actually have very few prints from the past three or four years, when I started making more use of my digital compact. Not so long ago I always carried a film compact with me, most recently an Olympus mju2. Found that for £2 I could get the negs on CD when I had a film developed, so got the best of both worlds.

    Another issue came up recently about the durability of CDR's and digital media in general. This was actually to do with audio but its still relevant to photography. Even faded, dusty and scratched negatives are usable, but a lost or unreadable digital image is gone for ever.

    Made me think I should make more effort to use film and get those packs of prints to stash away.

    (Also occasionally use 120 and 127, but its too late to discuss that tonight!)
  10. It's a good point about the durabilty of CDs and DVDs. We have photos and negatives that are 150 years old. They are in a delicate condition but are still usable.

    What historic record, apart from on line storage, will we be leaving for future generations?
  11. I collect and restore old cameras, pre WW2 mostly, but extending now up to around 1970. I try to buy two or three sheds of the same build standard on eebygum and build at least one working camera out of them. the rest get stripped and sold off as spares. Sadly it's only worthwhile on top names or on rare cameras.

    Lomo is an exception, duff russky lomo cameras are as cheap as chips but after a quick restoration, new light seals and cleaning mostly, you can flog them with ease.

    Any muppets looking for an "as new" russky built Lomo LCA should PM me. I have an unused one out of a german camera collection.

    The student nuggets don't realise that if you know what you're doing you can produce "lomographs" with any old camera (35 mm lens or shorter, shutter speed to 1/60th, cheap garish colour film, add some camera shake, young totty, a smidgeon of leaked light, a double exposure or two and only ever make a half arsed attempt to focus through a pretty dirty lens).
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  12. Sounds like my "normal" photography :(

    Back to the OP - not anymore. I use Photoshop (other fine apps available) to recreate film and Lomo images.
  13. I still use an Olympus trip 35, I love its simplicity, lack of batteries, and excellent lens
    tripman or street shooters recon them
    I use mine when travelling by motorcycle, it fits my hands well and is of no interest to light fingered thieving Romanian pikeys
    thos lomo cameras are being made again, a few months back I purchased a Canon G12 for my work use adn saw them on sale there
    I still think the trip produces better images than the G12 though
    Lomography Shop
  14. Good for you!

    I bought a Trip 35 a few years ago off a market stall, a couple of quid and came with instruction book (not really necessary!)and the matching Olympus flash gun.

    I never had a Trip years ago, but I did have a couple of the Olympus Rangefinders, 35RC, 35ECR, about the same size as the Trip 35. One was nicked but I'm sure the other one is still lurking somewhere. I think batteries became hard to find at one stage, not a problem now with the internet.

    I then moved on to the XA series, tiny little cameras but excellent results. Detachable flash meant the basic camera was not much bigger than a box of Swans. Previously mentioned, more recently I usually have a Mju 2 in my pocket.
  15. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I still use several Holgas, half a dozen FED5 rangefinders, a Diana, various LOMO Action Samplers and a whole host of other old shit that is wonderful to use.