Crusties "invade" Greenwich Park.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Aug 26, 2009.

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  1. Who cares?
    I have no sympathy with their cause. Bunch of misguided morons.
  2. its just going to be happy camping, lets be honest who is even going to notice them

    feel a bit let down by it all!!
  3. Local chavs will prey on them.
  4. "Offices powered by wind"

    Hardly surprising bearing in mind the beans-and-lentils diet of the great unwashed. Still they're unlikely to trash the Park as badly as the Olympic Equestrianism will...
  5. Clearly very busy people!
  6. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I remember when they used to try & blockade the main gate at Kinloss when the Yanks arrived one TacEval with a C-130 load of concrete Nukes.One of them spat on the SWO who was trying to defuse the situation.Bad mistake,he hit her!
  7. Well, that's a really erudite argument, Jagman! So they're a "bunch of misguided morons".

    It might have escaped your attention, but folks are (in the system that's nominally (some would say laughably) called "democracy") allowed to protest at what they perceive to be right or wrong.

    So as I understand it, they're only afforded this *cough* "democratic" right when YOU deem the subject of their demonstration laudable? I do have problems with that.

  8. Get's my vote.

    If I can be bothered.
  9. Where does Jagman say they do not have the right to protest? He merely states he has no sympathy for their cause and thinks they are morons - which is HIS democratic right. :roll:
  10. I agree that they are misguided, however i suspect the real troublemakers will be the police.

    Video taping everyone and arresting anyone who videos them.

    Stop and search for everyone.

    van loads of chav coppers just aching for an opportunity to put the boot in...
  11. I actually see it from their point of view, you know greenyism...

    It's just... why do they act like a bunch of cnuts all the time?
  12. Correct Werewolf, I did not say they have no right to protest.
    I don't believe I offered the vaguest hint that they should be denied the right. I do share Bugsy's opinion on the state of democracy in this country though!

    I do think they are deluded and misguided but that has no bearing on their right to protest.
  13. I concur.

    They must have exceedingly understanding employers to give them time of work to do this sort of stuff. Unless, of course, they're just a bunch of scrounging doleys.
  14. It's not in Greenwich Park, it's on Blackheath..... I only know because the current Mrs G_S is going along this weekend............ :roll: