Crusader Cookset.... worth getting ?


I'm thinking of getting a Crusader cookset for a long distance walk I am planning in the near future... 140 miles in 10 days........

They're £40 - odd, so want to make sure they're tidy before spending.

I normally use a 85 gramme Vaude Markill gas burner, but then need to carry the gas and pans etc.....

Any thoughts ?
Depends what meals you want to cook . I have used a Jetboil for the past 3/4 years and it is one of the best bits of kit I have ever bought . Very efficient and can use very small gas containers .
Crusader cookset is a good bit of kit. I have had one for a while.

there are other good stoves out there mind, so it might be worth while having a good look and compare prices and use etc..
Well, I bought one, and it looks the business. It's actually lighter than I'd expected so could become my full-time kit.

Question...... is it better to use alcohol gel fuel sachets, or hexamine blocks?

Other than fleabay, can anyone recommend a place to buy fuel - possibly in bulk ?

For £40 I wouldn't bother, spend the extra £20 and buy a Jet boil for what you're using it for its more than upto the job.

If i'm looking at the right thing Crusader cookset which is basically a mug shaped stand? then just get hold of a hexi burner it now comes with a mug shaped stand and fuel, seems very expenssive for what it is.
The greenheat gel sachets are next to useless, hexy works fine in it but makes the normal mess. I havn't used mine since I got it a few years ago.
May as well get the metal-finish mug, the Teflon black finish gets stripped off before long anyway with any sort of use.

I recommend hexy, dabbled with the gel stuff when I got the mug new but why bother, hexys more effective (and for me, issued). Leaves a coating on the bottom of your mug but thats easily solvable with a tea bag, scrap of old scotchbrite, wet wipe kept from your morning ablutions or similar, as long as the mug is still warm. Wiping it on grass first helps too.

I wouldn't bother with the burner stand thingy, as said before new hexy cookers have a mug shaped plate for this purpose.

Seen surplus shops selling all manner of stuff such as lids for the mug and clips to hang them by but I'm not sure why you'd really want them, where would they go in a waterbottle pouch anyway.

58 waterbottle, metal mug, hexy cooker and metal spoon and I don't think you'd go too far wrong! But 40 notes seems a bit high!
Got one for handy money in some outdoor shop in Cardiff...+1 on the hexi blocks, I found the gel crap it never really got hot enough before it burnt out.

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