Crusader Cooker and mug, PTFE coated

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by walt_of_the_walts, Jul 10, 2005.

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  1. Has anyone bought/been issued with one of these yet?

    Are they any good with ethanol/wood alcohol gel fuel?

    (cant abide the smell of Hexamine. Puts me off my food)
  2. Think you can use ethanol gel i still use hexy.issued ARE YOU MAD??????.....
  3. Probably. From breathing in hexy fumes. But I'm not 'issued' anymore and havent been for 15 years now. Used to use a small Butane/propane stove, cos it was quickest to brew up, but I want to keep inedible weight down so I can carry more pies!.
  4. I have one its grand

    Means I can dump the mess tins and no more hexy , I believe its was developed for the army but was not adopted
  5. Well somebody must have them on issue somewhere, cos its got a NATO stock number on it?

    If anyone wants it, I'll have a dekko and copy it down for fellow arrsers to pester their storemen for
  6. I've the New mug and the water bottle to replace my very old billy
    But I use a gas stove to brew up black muck (coffee) or tea as its
    faster and it's very hard to get fuel tabs.
    I'd be the only Reservist in IDF using a Brit waterbottle and metal mug ,
    both are great and the bottle is larger than ours,I've made a larger
    pouch to carry them in.
    I get funny looks from my mates when I pull out the cup ,but everyones
    pleased to get something hot to drink.
  7. Found a step by step guide to cooking mushroom soup with a crusader here.

    Theres quite a few photo's that give a good idea of scale etc. The kit they are selling has the crusader cooker, mug and some gel sachets for 20 quid. Doesnt seem too pricey.

  8. Thats overpriced
  9. Looking at the picture I reckon the Unit Metal smith could Bastardize a Metal mug, at half the cost to do the same job. Possibly adding a trangia fuel element in the process. Just an idea. :)

  10. ...and a good one, esp the trangia fuel element as there is lots of swedish surplus ones knocking about at present, and the spams do wood alcohol tins, which seem to be freely available (25p each, 5 for a pound in a local surplus store and they burn for ages!)

    As for the ethanol fuel sachets, they are a wee bit too small. 1 sachet will only 'just' about boil a 3rd of a mug of water, or warm through a half full cup of food in hot weather like yesterday! Might have to use the dreaded hexy!
  11. The Ethanol gel packs are ok for a quick brew or heating a pack of sausgaes and beans but they leave a crappy mess behind. This isn't as bad as the soot left by haxamine but still not perfect.

    Trangia burners would probably work but the cooker unit will need modifying first as there isn't room for them. careful of teh "swedish army" ones the burners in these are much bigger, to fat to fit in the crusader cooker, and don't fit under the cup, which sort of defeats the object really.

    The swdish army ones are OK but you have to watch the scrw down lid if you are going to store fuel in it as it doesn't have a full thread and can leak.
  12. For anyone thinking of buying one, I found this which seems to sell them and the fuel for cheap.
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  13. They had a big bottle of "lighting gel" in Tescos the other night for a quid, so I though that sounds like a laugh.

    I wasn't sure how much to use so I though bollocks and filled the cup right up and lit it. It was still burning 30 minutes later but it as tottaly useles because there was so much black smoke and crap that the water was unusable, although it did boil faster than the proper stuff.

    I said it was still burning 30 minutes later and I have no idea how much longer it could have gone, probably another half hour, but as it happens, and I have never much thought about this much before, but its not the best plan to light these things on the top of a plastic dustbin.

    One minute it was there, next minute, the re was a crusader shaped hole and the bin was smoking, and Luckily the water from the cup put the flames out.
    I found this highly entertaining but 'er indoors doens't have a sense of humour so I had to buy a new bin.
  14. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I remember setting a hexi burner alight on the wing of my FFR one time for a brew, a most concerned 1 pip came past.. wondering if I was planning on setting fire to the rest of HIS Land Rovers... I pointed out it was a better option on the wing that the dry-as-fck scrub we were standing in, once he'd had some brew he was happier (and once the hexi was out so was I!!!)
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