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Crusader Cooker and mug, are they still issued?

Hello, I like to buy a sturdy and simple cook set to take on hiking with me.
somebody pointed out the crusader kit to me, I am wondering, can anyone here share their experiences with me ?
it seems that you have a Mk1 and a Mk2 version?
which one would be best?

Thanks, Bart


From a hiking perspective, the crusader mug and cooker are relatively heavy, slow compared to gas but robust and can work with solid fuel blocks like hexamine, the newer gel fuel and the age old twigs.

If you don't mind how fast you get a brew, enjoy the quiet of where you are and like real flames and (possibly) wood smoke then the crusader is for you.

I've only got experience of the mark 1, no idea if the mark 2 is significantly or even slightly better. Plenty on ebay to look at.


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Ghillie kettle and various accessories for me, took one on two tours and I was always able to find something to burn in it.


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Sturdy & simple and worthwhile = jetboil/alpkit equivalent or Trangia/(Swedish) surplus equivalent. Hexi takes ages, gel less so, but still slow and you have to use a whole block/pack (you can stamp it out, but it's messy.

Jetboil is good for heating water for noodles etc, Trangia for anything else. You can also get an (expensive) gas burner for them.

'cooking' with sticks in a gasifier/hobo stove is fun, but not efficient.


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I've used a trangia since I was 14 and still use one now, I'd recommend them.


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Kelly Kettle?

that's the badger - other versions are available.
I have the additions for cooking on the base and for cooking on top of the kettle.
So far it's survived everything I've put it through (including the dishwasher) from exercises, RAF movers, patrols, blah blah blah.
upsides - virtually* squaddy proof (without weighing as much as a landrover)
no gas - the RAF can't find a reason to confiscate it
it'll run on any solid fuel you can fit inside and light

downsides - bulky
not very tactical
takes longer than gas, but doesn't take very long
you'll have to find some kind of solid fuel , I've used paper, dry animal poo, hexi, sticks, some material that looked exactly like the t-shirt that **** ******* was looking for.

*survives reasonable squaddy activities but I doubt it would survive being run over by a vehicle or fat stacker/mover. for the last two they'll be abling and not running

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