Crunchy RLC Brigadier job

Discussion in 'RLC' started by alfred_the_great, Aug 14, 2009.

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  1. I saw in the telegraph the other that one of your Brig's got a v crunchy job at PJHQ: is this the start of your take over of a previously Combat arm dominated job, or is he your very best?

    Not provoking an argument, just there have been a series of appointments that have raised my eye-brows recently (i.e. a Capt RN is about to become Dept Cdr 102 Log Bde), especially as they seem to be breaking the Warfare/Combat/2 winged master race hold on the best jobs!
  2. Today: PJHQ

    Tomorrow: The World

    Be afraid; very afraid!!!!

  3. As its in the Telegraph, got a name?
  4. There have been RLC Brigadiers at PJHQ since inception - ACOS J1/J4 is a rotational job so when it's the Army's turn it goes to late RLC or REME. As for Log Bde DComds, as they are on a roster for Afghanistan to provide the Joint Force Support HQ they always have a DComd of a different service, hence 101 has an RAF Gp Capt. When the RN provide the nucleus of the JFSP HQ the year after next, the DComd will be Army.
  5. Can't see what the fuss is about. Even PJHQ has a catering facility, a POL point and a clothing store so obviously the RLC have a key role to play. :)
  6. It's all part of some disgracefully modern affliction of promoting people based on quality rather than capbadge. Don't worry, I doubt it'll catch on; combat arm officers can go back to reading the Beano.
  7. And a duvet store, dont forget the duvet store! :wink:
  8. Which day's Telegraph? Or failing that, which job?

    As has already been pointed out, ACOS J1/J4 has always been rotational amongst the 3 services (as has DACOS J4, and DACOS J4 M&M seems to have become either Army/RAF). There is an RAF Loggie as DACOS J9 Media and one as DCOS JFHQ, so it would be interesting to see which 1* job has been secured by the Loggies. I would ask the sceptics who they would rather have in, say J2 or J5 - a fast-jet pilot or an RLC Loggie!
  9. COS LF anybody? now 2* late-RLC, has been traditionally combat arms
  10. You'll also find that the DACOS posts are subject to 'Service Balance'. So, next year when ACOS J1/J4 is RN, and DACOS J4 is RAF then DACOS J4 M&M will very likely go to the Army again.
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  12. When you can take a turbine to Kajaki why shouldn't you be DACOS J3? Which as you all will have noticed is a crunchy Colonel's job rather than a Brigadier.
  13. Do you think it is a deliberate move given that the vagaries of the rotational handle mean that the only LAND loggie in the PJHQ HERRICK chain will soon be an SO2? Is Col Rufus an insurance policy? Or is that too Machiavellian?
  14. Yes, sorry about that - I got rather excited for you all there! Anyway, DACOS J3(A) is a v crunchy job; whilst it is rotational, it is up for you to dictate the cap-badge of the man/woman involved. I can't see for the life of me the RN ever placing a WE/ME/Logs Officer [our equivalent to CS/CSS branches) into a similar post, but who knows? Perhaps it might reduce the complacency amongst the Combat arms as to their gilded path....

    And VMT to Bubbles re the 102 Bde job.