Crunchies Circa Jun-Dec 90

Discussion in 'REME' started by Arr3eH0Le, Jul 20, 2005.

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  1. Interested in catching up wi ol' m8s from Depot. I was in Borneo 19 then Normandy 20, (back-squadded Biff haha).

    Stuff your muck on here
  2. Torbruk 14
  3. I was lucky enough to be Normandy 20, but blessed with a terrible memory of those days
  4. Radfan 19 i think. I joined Nov 90
  5. Fecking crunchies!
    I bet you all went down PMC and told some "kid with three red stripes to Feck offffff!
    Yeah course you did.
  6. who the feck are you talking to?
  7. ding ding, let the willy jousting.......... commence :wink: :wink:
  8. Ha ha ArmySS
    Got it in one, you can always get a Crunchies hair up by repeating the same Urban Myth they keep telling everyone they know!
    "When i went down PMC once"
    Only reason any Crunchies came down to PMC was to use the Assault Course (with a squad im sure) or down to the Med centre (fecking biff!) :cry:
  9. I was told by some crunchie that he told the junior RSM to feck off. I was gullable I believed him. Honest guv.
  10. By the way I'm a crunchie too, Rhine 21
  11. Ah crunchies... :) On SMC in '85 we had to supply a squad for a crunchie pass out parade. It had been pis#ing it down all night so the wet weather plan was invoked. My squad had the the total pleasure of watching squad after squad of crunchies trying to slow-march into the gym almost taking the door (and frame) in with them 'cos no-one told them to move into two files. Yes I was a brat and yes, we did occasionally manage to get new crunchies to salute us as we passed them on the way to the aircraft wing :)
  12. Yeah course you did.
  13. After i wrote it of course!
    "Plagiary is the lowest form of imagination but the highest compliment"
    (i copied that by the way of tinternet!)
  14. Plagiarism of two or more pieces of work can be called research!!