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Crunchies Circa Jun-Dec 90

Ha ha ArmySS
Got it in one, you can always get a Crunchies hair up by repeating the same Urban Myth they keep telling everyone they know!
"When i went down PMC once"
Only reason any Crunchies came down to PMC was to use the Assault Course (with a squad im sure) or down to the Med centre (fecking biff!) :cry:
Ah crunchies... :) On SMC in '85 we had to supply a squad for a crunchie pass out parade. It had been pis#ing it down all night so the wet weather plan was invoked. My squad had the the total pleasure of watching squad after squad of crunchies trying to slow-march into the gym almost taking the door (and frame) in with them 'cos no-one told them to move into two files. Yes I was a brat and yes, we did occasionally manage to get new crunchies to salute us as we passed them on the way to the aircraft wing :)

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