Discussion in 'Cookery' started by CH512O, May 1, 2013.

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  1. Living in the Mess I sometime like the odd bit of Crumpet.....don't we all!
    Now Sunblest were the original makers of the Crumpet but now there are what I call imposters!
    Twice now I've digressed from Sunblest to such fakes as Warburtons (taste like it was made in a School Chemistry lab!) and now Tesco's which may advertise they are "extra thick" but I think this extra mass is taken up with mulched paper!
    This is a short lived rant as I've now been caught out twice with these horrible imposters and will only now go for Sunblest.......silly CH for trying to buy cheap!!!

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  2. Do you have shares in Sunblest?

    My Gran made really good crumpets when I was small. Mmmmmmmm,
  3. the good lady made some the other day using that bloke off bakeoffs book,very good tbh.
  4. Crumpets, Welsh Pikelets, English Muffins... Scotch Crumpets... Drop Scones, Aussie Pikelets, Scotch Pancakes, Pancakes...

  5. You can get that Aussie shit right out of here, weirdo!
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  6. Marks and Sparks crumpets and muffins are spot on.

    Extra nice with a slice of garlic sausage.
  7. Red hot crumpets with slices of fridge cold butter put on just before a bite....AAARGH
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  8. I like mine with jam. And I don't think sunblest are the best......aldi do a nice crumpet.
    Additionally, as a veteran crumpet scoffer, a little advice on how they are cooked......grill, do not think you can get away with chucking them in the toaster. They should be toasted under a very hot grill taking care not to dry them out.
    off to put some on for breaky
  9. You utter, utter bastards. Now I have to go out to the supermarket and get some crumpets.
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  10. Warburtons do need a little longer toasting time to get them just right. Excellent with Scrambled eggs on for breakfast. NOTICE NO BEANS THOUGH. However crumpets with beans for tea mmm mmm.
  11. We can't buy crumpets ready-made here, so make them ourselves. Delicious with gruyere butter and spread with Patum Pepperium (Gentleman's Relish).
  12. A liberal spread of Crab pâté on for me.
  13. There are some seriously odd people here

    Crumpets should only be served with butter!
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