Crumpet(s) in the Münster area

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Schleswig-Holstein, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. I have no idea where to post this, but here goes - ARRSE is yet to let me down!

    Some German friends have been staying with me in Belfast, and whilst they were here they discovered crumpets!

    They live in Münster, and if anyone knows a supplier of this British superfood in the surrounding area, they would be eternally thankful...
    So, if you know of where they can get their mits on crumpet, please PM me. :D

  2. The NAAFI probably, if they want some bootleg Crumpets from a NAAFI in Munster then let me know, for it is where I am (Munster not the NAAFI, I try not to go in there very often as its twice as expensive as the local supermarkets and shops)
  3. Cheers FF! they have just headed south for a few days in Carlingford, but on their return I'll pm you to arrange contact...

  4. The manager will be impressed with you volunteering to get shopping for non entitled personnel
  5. The Munster 'Crumpet Smuggler'? I can just see this shady looking bloke at the check out with a basket full of Mothers Pride Crumpets...."They're for personal use mate, honest I'm not a pusher. Aw c'mon, I'm in rehab!"

    There'll be a Monkey dressed up in a NAAFI uniform hanging around the bread & cakes counter as of next Monday.
  6. you not got an english shop in the great metropol..
  7. Biccies - have you got any idea how these ferkin smocks do up? I can't get it round my gut. Do they do ratchet straps in Naafi Colours?

    Yrs Slimfast.
  8. There is a shop that stocks English fods somewhere in town - a civvie friend of mine managed to get some Marmite there. I'll see if I can find out where it is.
  9. Hit Markt, they sell Brit food but it seems different than the naafi as it's fresh and in date :)
  10. Wow - the crumpet in Münster thread gets a second life!

    Cheers for any crumpet-related tips lads - I'll pass 'em on to my mates.
  11. Cheapest and best solution:-

  12. Bunch of Homos!

    I thought this was a thread about filth, smut and whores. Not a cossy chat about preferences of breakfast. You'll be talking about flower arranging next.
  13. Well, there was this "lady" I knew in Munster who stuck a flower where it wasn't supposed to go!!!!!!, God she must be about 65 now
  14. crumpets are gorgeous for breakfast also in combination with a lovely flower arrangement and candles. They go very good with fresh orange juice :D