Cruise Ship attacked by pirates

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by crabtastic, Nov 5, 2005.

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    Looks like some people got more than they bargained for. One quick question immediately springs to mind though, regarding the Somali's skills. How do you go, in just 12 years, from being able to take out the tail rotor of a Blackhawk with an RPG to being unable to hit the side of a cruise ship with one?

    Also, WTF were they doing off the coast of Somalia anyway?
  2. Er its obvious Skinny dipping, where else???

  3. Playing Pirates :lol:
  4. 100 miles off shore is a fairly long way..........

    I've always said a Cruise Ship would be a very good target - full of rich influential people... can't go wrong from a targeting perspective. You don't have to sink one either... Just make a nice black mark on the side somewhere and the press will do the rest.

    The Cruise ships are the airlines biggest customers... when the cruise industry takes a hit, so do the airlines - it all goes downhill from there!!!

  5. Somalia will lose out ultimately :roll:
    how could that country be so fcuked up ?
  7. it may be a good idea to stock weapons, AKs, RPGs , Bazookas in a secure lockable cabinet for the crew to use in self defence, which i think would be ok as they are in International waters therefore not under any Govt national gun laws, to use in self defence against such pirates.

    what do you guys think ?
  8. I think that it's marvellous in these insipid days of Health & Safety-inspired medicocrity that a free-born Englishman can book a bracing holiday on the ocean wave and spar with pirates, easily the most romantic criminals on God's earth.

    As long as they had parrots, cutlasses and dodgy West Country accents, that is.

  9. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    Once upon a time we had a Navy that could strike fear into the hearts of pirates. Now, we have a Navy that, like the army, has had its heart ripped out by the cuts of a thousand civil servant cutlasses.
  10. Sensible idea.

    U.S. Constitution, Art I, Sec. 8, expressly authorizes Congress to issue "letters of marque and reprisal" commissioning private citizens to eliminate pirates on the high seas and other such pests.
  11. Isn't it true that you may apply to carry weapons, if you happen to be sailing in International Waters, for use in a situation such as the one above?
  12. Avast, ye swabs! Hold yer fire! We be no pirates. You'll be 'earin' from our attorneys! See yerz in court, we will!
  13. Some of the privately owned ones do carry SMG's (although the ones I know about were more worried about piracy around Indonesia than Africa C.1996)
  14. It's an American ship. That's one of the dodgiest stretches of water in the world for piratical naughtiness outside of the straits around Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. It's also likely (without going into OPSEC too deeply) that the big bangs used by the crew were very effective. In deterring further activity by the bad guys.