Cruise Missiles in shipping containers.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by smartarse, Apr 25, 2010.

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  1. From the Telegraph

    A cruise missile in a shipping box on sale to rogue bidders
    Defence experts are warning of a new danger of ballistic weapons proliferation after a Russian company started marketing a cruise missile that can be launched from a shipping container.

    Reuben Johnson, a Pentagon defence consultant, said the system would be a "real maritime fear for anyone with a waterfront".

    "This is ballistic missile proliferation on a scale we have not seen before because now you cannot readily identify what's being used as a launcher because it's very carefully disguised.

    "Someone could sail off your shore looking innocuous then the next minute big explosions are going off at your military installations."

    Ignoring the "ballistic" point above, is this a serious development or one that was patently bleedin' obvious to anybody who'd given the matter some thought?

    Is it feasible that someone could sail into the Forth Estuary and lob a few off at Rosyth and Grangemouth refinery?
  2. That's not even a worse-case scenario; seal a Dirty Bomb or Nuke into a shipping container, sail it up the Thames and press the button. :twisted:
  3. They been watching too much James Bond?
  4. I'm puzzled - I always thought there was a significant difference between cruise missiles and ballistic missiles? The article seems to describe a cruise missile, the Pentagon consultant talks about 'ballistic missile proliferation'.

    Has my grasp of technology, never strong, let me down again - or is this another piece of ill-written journo-bollix??

  5. Here's the journo's track record.
  6. How is it on sale to "rogue bidders"? WTF is a rogue bidder?
  7. You never done that at an auction? Scratched your nose and next thing you know, you've bought a cruise missile and a sodastream?
  8. So THATS why i can't get any refills for this rather large sodastream.
  9. Hello,

    this is what he is talking about:

    This video was all over the internet some weeks ago,no doubt it gave the journalist an idea for a story.

    Containerising heavy weapons has many benefits,both logistical and tactical,I am hoping whatever replaces the Multiple Launch Rocket System (M.L.R.S.) comes in a Twenty foot Equivalent Unit (T.E.U.) container.


    Edited to add the "t" to "container"!
  10. if you have seen the way most dockers with a carry con handle containers i think you may just change that wish. once they are finished with it and the uk road system has done it's best the goods inside will be fcuked anyhow.
  11. So it is a cruise missile sort of thingy - young Tom Harding really needs to find a new 'expert' in place of the his tame Pentagon contractor.

    The video makes the target acquisition piece look soooo easy. I wonder just what the Iranian or Venezuelan capability for over the horizon targeting actually is, although I don't suppose it matters too much in the SOH.

  12. Ta - a very useful web site

  13. So you bribe the crane operator to ensure that the container aint buried aboard ship. You then ensure its sealed watertight, so no water fecks the guidance. Lastly you bribe someone on the crew to press teh wee red button to launch when Lady Liberty appears over the horizon.
  14. OK chaps,the boys at Bletchley Park have found the approximate location of the device.You've got 10 minutes to find it.Good luck.


  15. And if you find the box with the ark in it, don't lift the lid off.